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Constantly Changing Relationships

October 17, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.85   Views: 897

Given the fact that all of us have so many different relationships with different people within the family and outside the family it is not easy to maintain all of them with the same degree of success.


One cannot get away from it

The other day I was reading an article written by the famous yesteryears Hindi film actress Waheeda Rehman and she was of the opinion that it felt great to have reached a stage in life where she is able to handle everything - including the most difficult situations in life with so much more ease except the minor health complications. Age and experience has the advantage but when you have reached the best phase of life your health fails, this is what happens to many people. However, talking about relationships , most people are of the opinion that it is one constant struggle to maintain them .Even if one says that they don't care for relationships, you acquire them when you are born into this world. You are a son, brother,cousin etc etc...and keep acquiring more as you go along! So you cannot get away from it.

Given the fact that all of us have so many different relationships with different people within the family and outside the family it is not easy to maintain all of them with the same degree of success. I notice that none of these relationships remain the same, they are constantly changing.Even with regard to your own children, there are bound to be changes. These changes may be for the better or worse.In my own case, I see that some of the relationships with close relatives has worsened for several reasons mainly because of shared properties and the problems that creates.
Whereas with some of my friends I feel that I have reached a different level of relationship which is positive and makes me feel happy.It is the same with some other relatives and my children.No doubt that there are minor frictions and misunderstandings but it has not had any negative effect so far.


The changing relationships

1,Money is no doubt an important aspect of life and is very important and many relationships suffer due to lack of money or too much of money.Money does play an important role in all relationships, but again it depends on the individuals as to how much importance they are willing to give it. But, there are some relationships which remain unaffected by any of these, but still may undergo changes because of other sensitive issues .

2, Uncertainty in life is something that we all have to accept. But as long as we are alive and living we have certain responsibilities that we have to shoulder.Some are able to do it well and some not so well, depends on the individuals and their attitudes and they can have an adverse affect on our life and our different relationships. It is not easy to draw a line between being nice and accommodating because one wants to maintain a relationship by desperately holding on to something that may or may not be worthwhile. But it happens most of the time and people learn to compromise and go on with their lives.

3, We can take consolation from the fact that nothing is constant in this world except change. But to expect everything to change for the better is not always possible nor is it practical because good and bad in every aspect of life go hand in hand and are bound to leave their impact.

4, You should not stagnate in life - one should not hold on but go ahead and face new situations in life even it means that there are bound to be changes all round. When you stagnate there is no growth and you end up being morose. I have seen such people who have lived in the same house in the same manner all their life and with the same attitude whether it makes them and others around them happy or not. They even call themselves disciplinarians, but, one wonders if they have lived at all or instead stagnated all their life.

5, Respect is a very important aspect in any relationship. We are taught to respect elders and since it becomes in built within us we continue to look up to them in spite of any minor disagreements or misunderstandings we may have with them. Having said that I have seen some cases where this reverence and respect being taken advantage of, which causes strained relationships.

My own feeling is that - parents and school atmosphere has a lot to contribute in making a child aware of his/her responsibilities and role in the society in making positive contributions. Because once you reach a certain stage you can at best make amends and compromises but it may be difficult to change already formed personality traits. . There are of course situations and times when honesty is not welcome, so one also needs loads of diplomacy in life as well.

6, It is very essential to make children aware of their responsibility towards their own family, school, immediate surroundings etc .Developing EQ ( Emotional quotient ) in children plays an important part. They acquire the right kind of values and attitude towards life. Once we are able to see things in their right perspective we will not be swayed by petty issues that come in the way of maintaining and nurturing relationships that are important to us..


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