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First time In Bollywood

October 18, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 7   Category: Movies  Earning $0.15   Views: 946

We are celebrating 100 years of story based movies. Here is some interesting information about Indian film industry Bollywood.


First film released in India was Magic lamp. It was released by Lumpier brothers on 7 July 1896 at Watson Hotel Mumbai.
First movie camera was purchased by Hira Lal Sen in 1897.
First documentary film made by Save Dada in 1901, when top scorer in math R.P. Parajampe returns to India from Cambridge.
First story based film released at coronation theatre in Mumbai. It was produced by Dada Falke.
First time Play back music was introduced by Dawrka Dass Sampat in mute films in 1918.
First film poster was displayed by Babu Rao Painter in 1920. It was of” Vatsra Haran” film.
In 1913 first time two female artist agreed to performed in Dada Falke’s film Mohini Bhasmasur. These were mother and daughter, Durga bai and Kamla bai.
India’s first female producer director was Fatima beagum.
India's first silver jubilee film was Kapal Kundla.
Padma was first heroin who performed in first color film of India “Kissan Kanya”.
First Stunt films” Hunter Wali” was launched in India in 1934. Nadia was first stunt queen of India
First association of film distributors, “The Indian motion picture producer association”, came in to existence in 1937.
Chetana Anand's Neccha Nagar was first film which won best film award at Kann Film festival.
India's first technical color film was Sohrab Modi’s "Jhansi Ki Rani"
Raj Koopor’s Awara is first film which was successes at global level.
National award for films was launched in 1954.
In 1951 first time in India and world 100 music instruments was used in Mahboob khan’s “Aan”.
Sahir Ludhianwi was the first lyricist, who charged fees one rupee more than music director.
In “Andaj” First time actress was shown playing Piano .
Mother India was first official remake of Bollywood. It was remake of Mehboon Khan’s Aurat.
“Mother India” was first film of India which was nominated for best foreign film award at Oscar.
Nargis was first Indian actress who got best actress award at Calrovi festival.
First cinema scope film of India was Guru Dutt’s “Kagaj Ke Phool”.
K. Asif’s Mugle-E Ajam was first film which released at 150 theaters at a time.
In 1969 first time super star pronoun was used for Rajesh Khanna.
Guide was the first film of India which won 4 film fare awards, best film, best director, best actor and best actress.
Reputed Dada Sahib Falke award was launched in 1969.
First Flake awards winner was Devika Rani.
Sholey was first film which celebrated golden jublee in more than 60 theaters and silver jublee in more than 100 theaters.
Naya Din Nayi Raat was first film, in which Sanjeev Kumar performed nine different roles.
First actress who appeared in Lux ads was Lila Chitnis.
Bhan Athys was the first India who awarded first Oscar award.
Sharmila Tagor was the first actress who appears in bikini in” An Evening In Paris”.
“Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jaynge” was the first film which shown at Martha Mandir of Mumbai for more than 15 years.
First 3D film of India was Chotta Chetan, 1998.
Subhash Ghai’s “Taal” was first Insured movie of India.
Payar Main Kabhi-Kabhi, was first movie of India in which all 300 performers was fresher.
In “What is your Rashi” first time actress Priyanka Chopra was performed 12 roles.
A.R. Rehman is first Indian music director of India who was won Oscar.

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 10/21/2012    Points:2    

Hi Anil, the first 3D movie in India is My Dear Kuttichaatan. It is a Malayalam movie. It was released in 1984. This movie was later dubbed and released in Bollywood as Chota Chetan. So Chota Chetan is the first Bollywood 3D movie.
Author: anil gupta        
Posted Date: 10/23/2012    Points:2    

Hello Adi, thank for this information. Indeed I don''t know any thing about regional films. My mother tounge is hindi so I am interested only is hindi movies.

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First time In Bollywood
We are celebrating 100 years of story based movies. Here is some interesting information about Indian film industry Bollywood.

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