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Twitter: Tweet is fun

October 23, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.20   Views: 708

Twitter is one of the top10 social networking site in the world. This is an article about twitter and some of its interesting facts. I hope that you will like this article.


Introduction about twitter

You may aware about Twitter one of the best social networking site. Many of them don’t like to use twitter but there are many facts that you don’t know about twitter. Twitter is used as a social network but there are many restrictions in the twitter. We can express our views and opinions to the world in 140 characters. Many of the V.I.P members use twitter as their social networking site because they can spoke directly to their fans without any problems. But when we compare twitter with facebook there are many difference like we can’t post photos or share something directly in twitter is not available and unlike from facebook we can’t add our friends as friends in twitter. Only we can follow a person or a person can follow us.

In twitter we can’t chat to anyone personally that is the main problem which led twitter to away from youngsters. But twitter is a safe area which we don’t want to afraid that someone will hack our account or sent spy. In facebook most of the accounts are fake and anyone can create a page with the name of famous personalities but in twitter we can find original account through a sign called ‘verified’ which is added in the account of the famous personality in order to find the correct account.
Twitter is not only a social networking site but also many of them are earn income through twitter by posting an attract tweet and if that tweet gets more likes or many of them retweeted it to their account then the original poster will get some earning from it, however for an ordinary persons it is not easy and also for that earning we need some requirements so most of them don’t use this system. Many of them use tweeting as fun like chatting in the facebook. Most of the website contains a button called ‘tweet’, if we like that site then we can post tweet about that website in our twitter account.

History of twitter

Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey in March, 2006 and it gain millions of users from all over the world rapidly. According to the data of 2012 it is found that there are more than 500 million active registered users and at an average of 340 million tweets was tweeted by the users daily. In few duration of period itself twitter becomes one of the top 10 social networking sites in the world. For using twitter for sending tweets the person had to register an account in the twitter. Many of the internet users have a hobby of sending tweets and to get more followers. The twitter company was grown very rapidly by the increase of daily tweets and day by day 1000s of peoples are joining in the twitter. From this they get advertisements from other website to add banners of their website in the twitter for getting more traffic. From there twitter get profit.

Some facts about twitter

One of the interesting fact in the tweeter is we can post our tweet in only in 140 characters so we can’t post any long messages in tweeter but most of the users encouraged in writing proverbs, inspirational messages etc. Another great thing in twitter is if we want to post a tweet about a particular subject then we can mention the subject by a sign in twitter ‘#’ to represent a word in twitter. If we want to post a tweet to a particular member then we can use sign ‘@’ for the conversation mode. That was the coolest thing in the twitter that our tweet was not only seen by our followers but also all the world wide users will also see it. This is the best difference between the twitter and facebook. In facebook if we post a status it is only showed to our friends but this is different from this both.
So never think that twitter is a worst social networking site. Join in twitter and post tweets. Have fun.


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