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Some tips to get proper sleep at night

July 22, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1393

This article is regarding some tips on how we can get proper sleep at night.


We all know how important it is to get proper sleep at night. If we do not get proper sleep at night we may get many problems physically and mentally. Many people suffer from the problem of not getting proper sleep at night and thats why they take sleeping pills which is not good for health.

Getting a proper sleep may be easy for many but for some due to stress and other problems in life it may become little hard but if one follows proper tips then getting a proper sleep is not that hard . In this article you will get some useful tips how can you get proper sleep at night and So that you will never need to use Sleeping pills.

Some tips to get proper sleep at night are as follows.

1. Listen to music before going to bad - Music is always known to cool down mind and relax an individual. whenever we are in bed and want to sleep we may get many bad thoughts or some things that may have happened during the day may effect the mind and effect your sleep at night . So if you want to relax your mind before going to bed then listen to music which you like. For some people soft and romantic is best so that they feel good before sleeping and get proper sleep.

2. Read a book that you like - Some people love to read books and they read so carefully that they deeply get involved it that they forget their every problem and everything they went through during the day . So if you like reading books then choose the best book that you like and read it little bit before you try to sleep and you may be able to get proper sleep at night.

3. Avoid eating late night dinner or heavy dinner - Some people do not get proper sleep at night because they eat heavy dinner and they couldn't digest it properly and so do not feel well when they sleep and they feel like sitting and watching television or just walking so that dinner can be digested. People some times eat dinner and after some minutes try to sleep and they do not then get proper sleep at night which is due to having dinner just before sleeping . One should have dinner atleast 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep.

4. Adjust the lights and temperature in your room - Lights and temperature in your room play an important part on whether will you get proper sleep at night or not . If the room is too dark or the night bulb has so much light that its effecting your eyes or not making you feel good in the room then you will not get proper sleep at night. If the temperature is too hot or too cool in the room then you may not feel hot or cold so you won't get proper sleep as it will disturb you.

5. Use yoga to get proper sleep - Yoga has been known to solve any kind of health problem and it can be also used to get proper sleep at night. One can do meditation or deep breathing exercises before going to sleep to get proper sleep at night.

6. Set up alarm at proper time - Some people have the habit of setting up alarm clock at the time 1 or 2 hours before they want to get up and this causes them to get up 1or 2hours early and causes their sleep . Sometimes when they set up alarm of early time they also do not wake up and also do not get proper sleep as the noise of alarm clock keeps affecting their mind.

7. Do not change your sleeping schedule - One gets habit of sleeping at a proper time and if this is changed its affects the sleep as our habit changes. One should never get late to go to bed as he may not get proper sleep as he has changed his schedule.

These are some of the tips which can help you to get proper sleep at night.

Author: EmPeE        
Posted Date: 08/05/2010    Points:1    

I thought I have an insomnia before. Thanks for a nice article like this one.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 02/03/2011    Points:1    

excellant tips to have good sleep at night, rockstar.

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