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Rape - We All Can Do Something to Stop it

October 23, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1502

Cases of rape have been increasing in number in the Indian society.Can we do something to stop it?


One has only to switch on the television to see how cases of rape have become a daily phenomenon in the Indian society. Schoolgirls going back home after their classes are kidnapped and raped. Working girls returning after office hours are raped in the taxis. Girls are lifted from bus stops, streets, even their homes and gang raped and in some cases, also murdered. Even children and minor girls are not spared. When we see these gory incidents we shiver and think what shameful degradation we have fallen to. How deep the moral rot has struck our society. Why have Indian men become so defiant to law and callous to human values? Since when has this holy land of religions become an unholy haven of rapists and murderers? Why has a society where family values were held in high esteem turned into a mob of sexual perverts and maniacs? Where has all the decency and respect for women we were so famous for disappeared? We should look into the causes of this cancerous malady and remedy it before it is too late to do anything.
In the past parents and teachers used to say that cinema and television were affecting the youth adversely. They still do. They have been joined by other equally or more powerful means of communications which are at easy reach of everyone. New inventions of science have brought uncountable benefits to man but they have also been used to their benefits by evil men. I enumerate some causes which have contributed to the crimes against women.
1.Pornography- Pornography is openly available, in print and in electronic media. They incite young men to sexual crimes and perversion.
2.Lack of moral education- A very large number of youth and men grow up without any moral education to guide them to use their sexuality in a responsible way.
3.Loopholes in the judicial system- There are many loopholes in the Indian judicial system, which allow the culprits to escape scot-free.
4.Protection from parents and the powerful- Many of the perpetrators are the spoiled sons of wealthy parents or cadres of political parties in power. They use their money power or political patronage to enjoy immunity from punishment.
5.Food habits- Food habits of India with excessive hot spices make men abnormally sexually aggressive.
6.Reluctance of the victim to report- Rape is so traumatic an experience to the victim that she finds it next to impossible to report it to the police. The judicial process is too insensitive to her trauma, suffering and feeling of humiliation. Many times the victim suffers silently and if she cannot cope with the suffering she commits suicide.
What can be done to eradicate this abominable evil?
1.Easy reach of pornography should be blocked. Persons indulging in providing pornography should be punished severely.
2.Moral education to make growing children more responsible about sexuality must be made compulsory in schools.
3.Parents must own responsibility for the moral education of their children.
4.Religion is a great force which is most often manipulated to collect votes. It must be used to guide the youth to the right path.
5.Loopholes in the law must be plugged. Perpetrators of crime should never be permitted to escape scot-free and move around brazenly.
6.The punishment for rape should not be only jail terms or fines but something that curtails the sexual powers of the culprits to such extent that they cannot abuse it even if they want to. This, perhaps, would prove to be a better deterrent than even capital punishment.
7.A special department, mainly consisting of women officers should record reports and investigate incidents of rape. Special courts with wise women judges must dispense justice. The crime of rape is assault not only on a physical part of a woman but on her whole being, her mind, heart and psyche. Only a woman is able to understand the deep implication of this crime and do justice to a case.
The police department has become infamous for its dishonesty, bribe taking, doing the bidding of their so called masters, inaction, partiality, slowness to act etc. They too must realize the high dignity of their duty and fulfill it with pride and joy. They must not forget that they are not so much the guardian of law but guardian of their fellow being. They are our protectors always and everywhere. We have reposed our trust in them. Let them prove themselves worthy of this trust.
At the same time, a few words of caution to our girls. Avoid places, dresses, company, jobs, timings that put you in danger of rape.
With everyone’s effort, we can make our society safer and happier. It is our sacred duty to provide safety to the daughters of India. No one should be allowed to use them as disposable things.


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