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What does it take to be happy?

October 24, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 806

This is question of every one to themselves that what to do to get happy. In the journey of life with little help we can keep smile on our face and spring on our feet.


What does it take to be happy?
This is question of every one to themselves that what to do to get happy. In the journey of life with little help we can keep smile on our face and spring on our feet. More than once it is question of every person, what to do to be happy. In all my searching I was found some distinct truths that come alive and very simple. These truths give us opportunity to be happy with all the time, even in the adverse situations.
Here are some simple tips for you to get happy right now, and to enjoy your life. These aren’t any sorts of techniques, but these are routine things. You can try these to change your feelings and make you feel much happier;
1. Serve someone else
Service to someone is like serve to God. This is one of the fastest most effective and best ways to get happy.
Go out and do something kind for someone else. It may be as simple as giving a compliment or taking someone to lunch. Even helping a person on the side of the road is best sort of kindness. Remember that there are peoples everywhere need something that you have got, and can give. This simple deed can bring smile on the face of persons.
2- Change your gesture and posture
This has been the best way to recover from stress and get happiness quickly. Though it is looking funny, how can someone feel happy with this? Sit up straight, take some deep breath in. Put a big natural smile on your face, you can literally feel the tension that is in your chest run. All these replaced tension with a sense of happiness. Now you can dare to say, I say with confidence that you can get through anything.
3- Read a good book, or few pages of something positive
No doubt books are best friend and guide in all situations. If you are a religious person, read some religious text. It helps you to see things in a good way. It removes your negative feeling. If you are not a believer in any religious texts, I would like to suggest finding something that brings you peace of mind. It may be music or place to visit.
4- Tell someone that you love them
Love is power. It is capable to bring out you from any adverse situation. Think of someone you love. It may be yours parents, your life partner or your lovely, pretty kids. Or to someone you love but you have not told in them. Give them a call, write them a letter, or go visit them and say the words “I Love You”.
The vital point is to say those exact words. The vital point is to say those exact words. Do not try to say anything, say “I Love You" It’s a little uncomfortable for a lot of people at first, but it will warm your heart immediately and help you feel happy.
5- Recognize and choose happiness
More over people will impose conditions for their happiness. Some people will say that I will happy when I get promotion or someone says that I will happy when I find my sweet heart. But it is not right attitude. Indeed happiness is within our inside.
Noting is in this world that will makes you happy or sad. It is depends on you. How you will choose every moment of each day and how you will respond to your life. Certainly you can search moment of happiness from all negative emotions and situations. Believe in it that you can choose happiness and peace of mind instead of irritability. Concept of happiness is looking very typical but it is not so.
Happiness is like musk which is hide within ourselves. Just try to feel it. You have the nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember we are not powerless. Every person cans master of all theirs emotions. Choose happiness.


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