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Enjoying Coffee Enhances Elders Health

October 24, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 557

Elderly people enjoy drinking coffee early in the morning. Most of the senior citizens of America love coffee. Although caffeine creates some problems moderate amount of it can enhance the health and keep the elders energetic.


Is drinking coffee good or bad? This has been a tantalizing question for most of the elderly people who want something to boost their energy when they wake up in the morning. Although caffeine is a stimulant because of which it provides a boost to the nervous system in the morning, it has many more positive effects. There is also a danger of nervous jitters, stomach upset, sleep disorders, and sometimes heartburn, moderate drinking of coffee does not harm the elders as they fear.

Why do elders like coffee?

It has been a regular custom of the elderly people to stride down the street to visit a cafeteria in the morning for a cup of coffee. A recent report in a French neurological journal states that coffee protects elderly people by preventing their aging brains from the onslaught of dementia. A cup of coffee alleviates their fatigue, relieves them from their morning sleepiness, and improves their concentration and attention.

How much coffee is healthy?

The caffeine content in coffee is the stimulating property. Two to three cups(8 ounce) of coffee per day may be called a modest quantity. The elders should be aware that caffeine is found not only in coffee but also in tea, cocoa and chocolate. It is also found in some medications such as pain relievers and cold remedies which the elders usually take.

How do caffeinated drinks become dangerous to health?

1) Caffeinated drinks usually raise the BLOOD PRESSURE slightly by increasing the stress level of hormones. Studies have shown that moderate amount of caffeine becomes tolerant in due course. Hence it may not endanger the risk of hypertension when moderate consumption of coffee becomes regular.

2) A number of researches have been conducted to find out the link between coffee drinking habit and coronary HEART DISEASE. The results show that moderate drinking of coffee does not cause any risk at all.

3) Two substances found in coffee, namely kahweol and cafestol, may raise the CHOLESTEROL levels. The American Heart Association says that by using paper filters this danger can be avoided since they filter these substances. But this is not applicable for cappuccinos and lattes since they are high in fat.

4) Researchers have found that coffee reduces the amount of sugar in blood and so moderate drinking of coffee can lower the risk of developing TYPE 2 DIABETES.

Moderate consumption of coffee in general is good for the elderly people. It provides many health benefits to them. It keeps them healthy throughout the day. In addition to offee, they should take nutritious meals and maintain their weight. Cheer up elders! Enjoy drinking coffee and enhance your health!



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