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Seven Tips to Develop Good Study Skills in Children

October 24, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 809

Schools are on the full swing of the academic year. The fresheners to school should have settled by this time. It is high time to develop the study skills in children. Once they are accustomed to them they can find their studies easier.


career smooth without any struggle. Try to follow these tips to get your children on the right foot with strategies to help their studies. Once they get organized, these skills become useful habits in them and carry them successfully in their educational career.

Seven tips to develop good study skills in children

1) Train the children in organizing their time

Psychologists and pediatricians have stated that the first step in educating children should be getting them organized in everything. It is the most important step to success in life. It is easier in the tender age to make it a habit.
This habit helps the children keep their books and things in order at home and in the school. It makes their study easier. It saves much of their time. It relieves them from unnecessary tension.

2) Time management

This is another important trait the children should learn. In the beginning it may be difficult to make the children understand the value of time. Practice the children in following a system in tracking their assignments, completing their homework, and finishing their personal tasks in time.

3) Encourage the children choose their schedule

Talk to the children freely and allow them to arrange their things and choose timings diligently. They should be allowed to enjoy some leisure time also. Suggest ideal time for TV, video games, etc. If they are given freedom in choosing time they will succeed in following them.

4) Most difficult to be finished first

Encourage the children to finish the most difficult tasks(homeworks) first and let them do the rest in that order.

5) Provision for breaks

Children should have short (2-3 minutes) breaks at every 15-20 minutes. This can be break to drink something or go to the bathroom, etc. The break should not be too long to get back the children to studies.

6) Positive incentives

The children can internally be motivated by positive encouragements and incentives. Incentives should never be monetary rewards or bribing. It can be simple things which children like very much.

7) Encourage note-taking habit
This is very good in keeping the child attentive in the classroom as well as in his listening. periodical checking of this notes and encouragement will help the children a lot.

At every step the child should be encouraged. By a positive approach these tips can be taught to children. These skills trained from the beginning of their educational career will lead them to great success in their lives.



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