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The Paradox of Exercise in Diabetic Patients

October 25, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 531

Exercise has become very essential in modern lifestyle, especially when it it is more sedentary. Diabetic patients should do some exercise to control their insulin level. But doing exercises is more difficult for them than the normal people. Is it not an interesting paradox?


World of modern lifestyle is growing more diabetic. There are many reasons for this. Lack of exercise in the sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons for this epidemic growth of diabetes. Today, media propaganda gives much importance to regular exercise. In the case of the diabetic patients it becomes more essential. But unfortunately the diabetic patients find it more difficult to do exercises than the normal people. This projects an interesting paradox.

Why diabetic patients need physical exercise?

1) Regular exercise or physical activity is the cornerstone of diabetic treatment, especially type 2 diabetes. Regular physical exercise can help the body respond to insulin and lower the lower the blood sugar level.

2) Normally diabetic patients have problems in legs and arms. Physical exercises move these limbs promoting blood circulation.

3) Stress increases glucose level and exercises can prevent this increase.

4) Only exercises combined with proper diet can control diabetic level and help reduce dosage of medication.

5) As people get older, their insulin sensitivity decreases. Lack of physical activities is one of the main reasons for this decrease. Hence if they find some ways to do regular exercises, they can control their diabetic level.

Why diabetic patients are unable to do exercises?

1) Although it is more important for the diabetic patients to do exercises, their body condition does not allow them to perform exercise regularly. Health problems such as retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, and certain medications do not encourage their doing exercises.

2) Experiencing pain, tingling or numbness in arms and legs pull the diabetic people back from doing exercises.

3) Even a very low exercise requires much more effort from the diabetic patients than non-diabetic people. It is because diabetes is associated with their reduced peak exercise capacity due to less oxygen intake. Hence they become tired or fatigued soon.

4) Diabetic people have less inflow of blood into heart, which makes doing exercise more difficult.

How to tackle this paradox of diabetic exercise?

1) Doing exercise does not mean it is so vigorous that it should make body perspire and tired. It is a misconception on exercise. Exercise can be mild and easier. Stretching and breathing slowly are good exercises.

2) Make doing exercise a fun. It can be made a more pleasant experience by doing it others or in groups.

3) With the guidance of a physician the diabetic patients can follow some exercises regularly.

Nowadays, there is so much information on exercises for diabetic people available everywhere. Health organizations all over the world are concentration on preventing diabetes which is threatening the future of the whole world.


Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 10/30/2012    Points:2    

My brother-in-law died of diabetes last year. Everyone who knew him, advised him to go for a walk everyday. It was impossible for him to walk fifty steps outside his home as his legs had swollen and become stiff.What a frustration! he wanted to follow the advice but found it impossible to act upon.

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