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The Future of Cell Phone Industry - A Market Watch

October 25, 2012  by: darkrevelation  Points: 12   Category: Industry News  Earning $0.40   Views: 521

Today with billions in sales and an incredible array of new features- the mobile phone category is on fire. But it pales in comparison to what is coming up next. Here is a comprehensive assessment of what is yet to follow.


The Four Pillars

Up ahead is the biggest war in the phone market that will be fought by 4 different contenders. Apple will continue to dominate, but in an arena where the enemy is smarter, hits harder and moves very swiftly. Samsung is the next in line and has perfected the art of delivering more than what the customer expects. Taking up position no. 3 is the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. Great sales and good devices and of course the upcoming Windows 8 on the mobile devices will bring them back with adrenalin infused shots. The fourth position is taken up by the others- but do not dismiss this group as anyone from it could rise- and deliver a crushing blow.

The Journey Ahead

Apple will become more aggressive – The time to rest on its laurels and play safe is over. Expect prices of the iPhone 5 to be lower in the developing nations and expect every device released from here on to be dramatic game changers. Samsung will bring in killer devices to follow up on its Galaxy S series and the Note. Also, expect a new, yet unnamed, series of handsets from Samsung which is going to low the industry's socks off. Nokia will revamp every aspect of its top dog Lumia series. The economy and variations of the various handsets in this series is sure to expand in the near future.

The Future Now

All of this will translate into great new features, fantastic new advancements in hardware and amazing changes in mobile operating systems. And all of this will happen in an environment where the upward rise in mobile phone prices will be arrested. Caught the drift? Awesome new handsets at cheaper prices will be available in the showroom. The phone market is going to go into overdrive. Let us have a look at the various modifications that might be possibly taking place in the new system.


The Design

: Some of the big changes will come in hardware where thinner and lighter will become the norm. Form factor, ergonomics and the introduction of vibrant colors (as can be seen in the new HTC handsets) will become a hallmark of these new phones.


The Heart

: Next is going to be serious advancement on the Heart of the phone – the processor. Most companies will realize that all that a customer wants is an OS that is perfect optimized to give them a smooth experience, never shows a hint of lag and never freezes on them. Thus a processor that is perfect for that mated with battery life that just goes on forever.


The Display

: Expect phone screens to become more vivid and clear. Allow your imagination the will, to believe in full HD 1080p – 1920x1080 phones very soon. Also coming up are dual screen phones. Know that the smaller screen will have a paper white E-book Technology (low power consumption and readable anywhere). These screens will also deliver secondary information from your widgets.


The Storage

: You can expect phones with 128 GB and 256 GB storage. And no, the above line has no typos. With the age ascending into high requirement applications, we need more space and the makers are sure to realize this really fast.



: Each phone will now have direct wireless connectivity. You can walk into a room and your phone will recognize the TV, the sound system, your iPad and every other airplay device. Mind you that this will be available in even the $100 handsets.

The phone market needs innovation. It needs an overhaul. It needs to reinvent itself. At stake is a market of 2.3 billion new phones that will be sold in the next 12 months. This is history in the making and each company is going to do everything in its power to make sure it can get you to buy their device. Rejoice, because in this market place, you are the new God.


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