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End the Embarrassment of Overactive Bladder

October 25, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 768

Overactive bladder problem has caused embarrassment in many people, both men and women. Many of them do not bother to take any treatment. There are many treatments in all systems of medicines. If you are not successful with conventional treatments you can try Ayurveda.


Are you embarrassed by occasional leaks of your bladder that send you to the sidelines? Are you worried about overwhelming urges to urinate? Do you feel like passing urine sometimes when you lift some heavy weight, or cough or sneeze? Overactive bladder problem or incontinence can be controlled if cared in the beginning. If left untreated, it will cause more problems. In addition to conventional treatments, alternative medical systems including Ayurveda give treatments for this problem.

There are many types of urinary incontinence problems. Finding the right type of problem will help your treatment. Most common of them are: overactive bladder problem, stress incontinence, overflow urinary incontinence, and some minor problems of incontinence.

What causes overactive bladder problem or incontinence?

Overactive bladder problems occur due to spasms of the muscles of the bladder, resulting in an urgent feeling to urinate. It is mainly the problems of the contraction of the muscles and nerves of the bladder. When they become weak the control is lost. It may not be an aging problem as many people think.

Conventional treatments

1) Modern medical world suggests Kegel exercises, lifestyle changes, and modern medications for this problem.

2) Drugs known as anticholinergics are prescribed by the doctors. Urethral injections are given for stress incontinence by injecting a bulky agent into the area around urethra.

3) In the recent years, Botox injections are used to control the overactive bladder. In some cases urethral sling surgery is performed.

Ayurvedic remedies for overactive bladder

1) According to Ayurveda overactive bladder is caused by an imbalance of the vata dosha at the pelvic region. It says that bladder infection and constipation can aggravate the vata dosha and cause this OAB.

2) Hence it suggests to check infection and constipation by lifestyle changes and diet. Constipation should be avoided by lifestyle changes. Obesity is another cause for OAB. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited. Tender coconut water, black gram porridge, dates, ash gourd, etc are suggested for diet.

3) Taking a herbal remedy of satavari, gokshura and guggulu extraction can improve and tone the bladder muscles. Ayurvedic medicines for OAB such as Ashwagandha lehyam and Chandraprabha Vati tablets are available in Ayurvedic pharmacies.

Overactive bladder problem is to be treated from the beginning. But worrying about it will only aggravate it. Consulting a uro-gynecologist may help to solve this irritating and embarrassing problem.



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