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Your Mind Should Know What Your Mouth Is Eating

October 26, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 18   Category: Health    Views: 663

Modern man is too busy to eat properly. His mind is flying elsewhere while his mouth is munching something. That is one of the main reasons for so many modern health problems such as obesity and diet disorders.


The food your mouth eats should make your mind enjoy. Modern eating does not allow this.
Modern lifestyle is very busy. People are just flying without having time even to eat. They just swallow something and run to catch something else. There are people who are always on the run and do not know even what they eat. There are people who stuff an incredible amount of food into their mouths, just standing in front of the open refrigerator or in the pantry. If you ask them what they consumed they cannot tell you what was pushed into their tummies. Most of the fast foods are meant for fast eating, which means eating without chewing and realizing what is eaten.

Why should your mind eat with your mouth?

Rush and stuff makes eating an act without purpose. It skips chewing. Researches show that most reflux is caused by mindless eating. If the mind is anxious about something else, the hormones for digestion cannot flow and function properly, because your brain is likely to miss the signals that tell you you are full. Eating without paying attention to what you eat makes your digestive process negative. Fast eating often causes bloating and gas.

How to eat mindfully?

1) Eating is a relaxed activity. It is an intimate and pleasurable activity of life. It should be enjoyed. The food that we eat should be mixed well in the mouth befor it is swallowed down.

2) Set the dining table a holy sanctuary of mealtime. It is the place where you eat for your physical and mental health. Focus your attention on food. Do not make the TV room a place of eating where you eat an entire bag of chips even without your knowledge, watching a scary movie.

3) Make eating a memorable experience. Make cooking a creative experience of joy. Sit with your family members. Enjoy what is served. Share what each one likes. Discuss how your food items help your health. Your children will learn a lot from this habit of joyful eating.

4) Make your meals time a relaxed and happy occasion. Though it may not be applicable in the modern fast lifestyle which prompts you eat a sandwich or snack sitting in your car, try to achieve mindful eating whenever it is possible.

5) The best idea to make your mindful eating is to eat in smaller quantities. Instead of eating twice or thrice a day, make the portion smaller to eat frequently. That helps mindful eating.

6) Yoga texts suggest mindful eating to make eating an experience of coordinating body and mind to help metabolism and weight management.

Mindful eating helps the health of your body and mind. It helps you to give you satisfaction in eating. It protects you from cravings and emotional eating. Make your eating a positive nurturing experience.
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Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 10/27/2012    Points:4    

Thanks for the excellent article Paulose. During the festival season in India fast food stalls make brisk business. One can see crowds of people gulping pani puri or Chow-min or some other fast food item from these stalls, served with generous amount of dust falling over them. Eating out fast with thousands of people walking around kicking up clouds of dust and loudspeakers blaring out film songs is the concept of fun for a large number of people. In fact, it is not fun, it is an open invitation to hordes of diseases.
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 10/28/2012    Points:1    

interesting.. had never read anything like this before... Nice paulose.. Your articles are always new and unique.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 01/30/2013    Points:2    

A very good article which tells about the importants of eating. Whenever we eat, we need to enjoy the taste of the food it makes our mind and body happy. The use of food is not only for get healthy but we get both physical and mental health from it . Nice article, keep it up.

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