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Can We Avoid the War for Water?

October 27, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Environment    Views: 966

Modern world is heading towards a war of scarcity. It may begin with the war for water. It has already begun in some countries. Unless global awareness for proper distribution of water sources is created, it will definitely burst into a war for water in the nearest future.


Water is the basic need of man. Although 70% of the earth is water potable water available on the earth is only 1%. There are disputes among nations and states for the rights of getting water. The prospects for a water war are increasing day by day endangering the very existence of humanity.

Human need of water

Human beings are water creatures since water makes up more than 60% of the body. Blood and brain contain more water. The body depends on water for all the normal functions of the body systems. Although humans can survive for many days without water, they cannot survive a day without water. They need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing and agriculture.

Water on the earth made it a suitable place of inhabitation. Natural water is clear and odorless. The water that existed billions of years ago on the earth is still existing by a chain of recycling. It is the responsibility of the whole world to distribute water to all the human beings.

Why water has become costly today?

Today, our water sources are under great pressure. Although less than 1% of all freshwater is readily accessible for human use it does not reach all the human beings. Water has been cost free so far. It is wealth given by mother nature for survival, healing and cleansing. But the man-made scarcity of water has made it a commercial commodity. Increase in world population, geographical existence of water sources, wastage of water, polluting water, etc. have made water a very scarce commodity. Human elements have contaminated water and made it unsuitable for use. This also has created a lot of problems.

Water wars have already begun

Disputes and quarrels between countries and states have already begun where water is shared. River Jordan has been a battlefield for Israel and Arab countries. There are hectic disputes between India and Pakistan, India and China and India and Bangladesh regarding the water of rivers that flow through their countries. In India, the disputes between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for Kaveri water are causing great troubles in the country. Water problem leads to hunger problem and other social evils.

Conserve water, the elixir of life

It is already time for people to think of water seriously. Water sources are limited but water uses are multiplying day by day. People have to conserve water in all possible ways and use it prudently. Otherwise the world cannot escape water wars.


Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 10/30/2012    Points:4    

Thanks and congratulations for the article, Paulose.
We are heading towards a frightening situation. There will be wars not only for water but also to capture air, soil, forests, minerals, snow and other natural resources.In the past, people fought wars for wealth and women, greed and pride. Stronger people traveled across the seas to subjugate other people, plunder their wealth, make them labor for their selfish ends. The same selfish instinct is driving man today.The plot and story will be the same. Only actors and scenes will change.

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