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Pumpkin Celebrates National Day

October 31, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Celebrity    Views: 680

Every dog has its own day is a well known proverb. Pumpkin has its own National Day. America celebrates National Pumpkin Day on 26 October.


The proverb "Every dog has its own day" insists that everyone is successful during some period in their life. It is true with pumpkin. Pumpkin is the most successful during Fall season. It is crowned with “halos” on the Halloween Day. Pumpkin and Halloween are inseparable.

The celebration of Halloween, according to traditions, came from Europe. But pumpkin is purely American. Pumpkin is native to America and later has taken the avatar as the hero of Halloween. There is no wonder that America celebrates National Pumpkin Day on 26 October just five days before Halloween.

Pumpkin the hero of Halloween

Pumpkin honors Halloween. Houses are decorated with pumpkin designs and jack-o'-lanterns made from pumpkins. Pumpkins are carved with three holes to make an old triangle-eyed-jack-o'-lantern.

Halloween parties cannot miss pumpkin dishes. Pumpkins serve as Halloween snack bowls. Various pumpkin recipes make the parties delicious and nutritious. Pumpkin muffins, cakes and pies inspire moms at home to treat the visiting Halloween kids. What about pumpkin soup, pumpkin flavored beer and pumpkin milkshake?

Either you decorate houses with pumpkins or carve out jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkin, the Fall season gourd pumpkin becomes an inevitable inspiration for the festival.

How did pumpkin become the hero of Halloween?

Pumpkin is an American vegetable. It has been a favorite of the native Americans such as Aztec, Inca and Mayan people before it became the staple dish of the early European settlers in America.

Pumpkins are ready in the Fall season. Fall celebrated the Halloween. It is natural that pumpkin occupies the chief guest place of Halloween celebrations.

The Halloween Legend

There is also an interesting Legendary story for pumpkin’s use at Halloween. The mythic Irish character Jack played double trick on the devil and when he died he was denied entry to both heaven and hell because of his trick on the devil. Somehow he managed to get some coal which he placed in a hollowed-out turnip to lead his soul’s way. This hallowed turnip came to be known as a jack-o’-lantern which in the American soil took a new avatar from the native pumpkin.

Enjoy pumpkin dishes during these days. It is delicious as well as nutritious. The orange or yellow shell of pumpkin is a great mine of ideas. Pumpkin continues its journey of taste and art from Halloween Day to Thanksgiving Day.



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