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Breast Tumors Can Be Cured with Homeopathy

November 01, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 885

Many women are told to undergo surgery for breast tumors when they can be successfully cured with homeopathic and biochemic remedies.


Sanjib married Sangita with a lot of fanfare. The wedding marquee was large and well adecorated. The welcoming gate was bright with hundreds of colorful twinkling tiny bulbs. The wedding dinner was sumptuous with many dishes. About three hundred guests attended the dinner. The newly married couple got over a hundred gifts. Santosh, Sanjib’s father spent money freely on the wedding, saying, “Sanjib is my only son. I don’t have anyone else for whom I need to save.”
Sanjib and Sangita made a beautiful couple. I saw them many times walking together or riding together on their bicycle; Sanjib peddling it and Sangita sitting on the frame rod. Whoever saw them said, “They are really made for each other.”
After a year of happy married life Sangita felt an unusual pain in her left breast. On touching she found a lump in it. She was taken to a lady doctor who advised tests. The doctor told them that Sangita must have an operation to remove the lump in her breast.
Sangita was shocked to hear it. For Sanjib and his parents it was a bolt from the blue.
What made Sangita depressed was the thought that she would have to live with a mutilated breast all her life. But they were shown no alternative. Sangita had to submit to the knife of a surgeon. I still find the couple on the village road walking together or riding their cycle. I often ask myself, “Could the surgery have been avoided?”
Breast abscesses and breast tumors have been found cured with the wonderful system of therapy called Homeopathy. Many of my fellow homeopaths have provided cure and solace to countless depressed women with breast diseases. So, I believe, it would be wise to consult a good homeopathic physician before taking a decision to opt for surgery. Surgery could be resorted to only when it would be the only option left for the patient. In the case of Sangita, it was completely unnecessary. I give below a few remedies that have been found effective in breast conditions.


Belladona 30 - It should be thought of when the affected part looks red and feels warm. It is particularly useful in early stage of an abscess.
Phytolacca Dec30 - It is an excellent remedy for hard nodes caused by injury by the head of the suckling child or by accumulation of milk.
Bryonia Alb - This remedy is capable of curing painful hardness in early stages due to accumulation of milk or any other cause. It should be given in the potency of 200 every six hours.
Hepar Sulphuris - It must be thought of when suppuration has set in or about to set in. A throbbing pain with heat indicates this remedy. Given in low potency (3x), it will hasten suppuration and lessen the discomfort. If given in higher potency (1M), it will abort suppuration.
Silecea 30 - If one lobe after another suppurates, oozing pus from one or several orifices, think of this remedy. Sometimes purulent sinus like substance is discharged in pus.
Lachesis 30 - This remedy is indicated when the affected part appears bluish or purplish. The patient feels chills at night and flushes of heat during the day.


Conium Mac 200 -Strong hard tumors on the breast can will melt with this powerful remedy.
Hydrastis Can 30 - It is a very effective medicine in painful and hard tumors of the breasts. The nipples appear retracted.
Plumbum iodatum 30 - Slowly developing tumors in the breast masses call for this remedy.
Carbo Animalis 30 - Tumors on the nipples will yield to this medicine.
Astreias Rubens 30 - It acts on tumors of the breasts, mainly on the left side.
Selenium Met 30 - It is more suitable for tumors on the right breast.
Srophularia Nodosa Q - It is a powerful remedy for tumors and nodes in the breasts. It can also be applied on the affected parts.
Beginning the treatment of breast abscesses or breast tumors with Tuberculinum1M or Thuja 1M brings miraculous results. Symptoms are the language of the life force. If symptoms call for Belladona, Bryonia or Phytolacca, they can usefully be applied in the cases of tumors as well.
Biochemic tissue remedies of Dr.W. H. Schusslerler act in perfect harmony with the homeopathic medicines. In the early stages of tumor formation Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x and Kali Muriaticum 6x should be remembered. When the tumor has turned hard Calcarea Fluorica 6x is the faithful friend of a physician that will help in melting it.
As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” an early detection and commencement of treatment will bring satisfactory result. So, it is advisable that all women learn how to examine themselves for tumors. The usual method of lifting one arm and moving the fingers of the other hand on the breasts in a circular way is an easy and simple method everyone can follow. When you feel any kind of pain in your breasts, be it pricking or throbbing, cutting or piercing, consult your doctor.

I have suggested above remedies to emphasize that breast tumors and abscesses can be treated with homeopathic medicines successfully. However, I would also like to add that they are equipments or tools which produce the best results at the hands of a skilled homeopath. So, it would be advisable for the patients to consult a homeopath before buying these medicines.


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