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Why Are the Americans More Scared About Belly Fat?

November 01, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 621

Fat belly is a worrying problem among most of the modern Americans. They want to shed their belly fat but many of them do not succeed. They have to change their diet style if they want to succeed.


America is more scared about obesity. It is not an exaggeration. Statistics about obesity reveal that it is costing the nation twice as much in medical bills as previously thought - it is even more scary than smoking. Healthcare spending for obesity problems is alarmingly increasing every year.

Belly fat has been a killing factor for most of the Americans. Change of their eating habits during the recent decades has resulted in obesity and other related problems. Fast food culture has occupied most of the families. Most of them depend on fast foods as they do not want to waste time on cooking. People are easily hooked by the Supermarkets and restaurant advertisements. They think that they can eat as many deep-fried mozzarella sticks or burgers and burn their calories by going to a gym. They do not think of the digestion factors undergoing beneath their overstretched shirts. Hence they are surprised at the negative results.

The simple math of belly fat

The difference between the calories you take in and you burn increases or reduces your fat.
Researchers have revealed that most of the people do not realize that belly fat is strangely complex and widely misunderstood. If you want to reduce the bulging belly, you should know that slimming down may be more complicated. Some people tend to blame their bulging tummy on lack of exercise, since it burns calories. But the fact is most of them eat more than actually what they need.

Overeating adds fat to the belly- a simple math

Just do this simple math. If you eat extra 500 calories per day it makes 3,500 calories a week that means creating one pound of extra body fat. If it becomes a habit how much fat will you add in a year? 52 excess pounds!

Making your favorite dishes at home can reduce your calories

Fast food chains and fried foods fill your bellies with fat. Health magazines nowadays give details about preparing low fat dishes at home. They are easy to make and you can have your own choice. Salads and juices can replace fatty dishes. Just calculate the calories of your intake.

Belly fat is an alarming problem promoted by the commercial world and it has become a world problem today. Fast foods and junk foods are entering every nook and corner of the globalized consumerism. To add belly fat or to reduce it is in your own hands.



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