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Five Tips to Avoid Wasting Time

November 02, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 650

Modern man is too busy to waste any time. But he is actually wasting much of his time. Every second is precious wealth. Greed of modern man wants to make use of every second into wealth. But unfortunately he wastes time in unnecessary anxiety and futile endeavors.


Time is more precious than anything else. Modern man is more anxious that wasted time is wasted wealth. In his greed he goes away from his regular way of doing things and wastes a lot of time in unnecessary things. He squanders a lot of mental time in wandering over short cuts. He wastes a lot of his mental time on things such as finding out excuses for his wandering rather than on fulfilling what he has to do to reach his goals.

Technology towards more production in less time

The more the world is turning technological, the more increase in production and profit. Every day researches are going on to make it performed in less time and bring more production and profit. Technology is becoming more efficient and more productive. Automatisation of industry is the modern common goal. Streamlining the works in industries has become a normal process today, especially during these years of recession.
Then where comes the waste of time?

We waste more time in unnecessary jobs and procrastination

If you look at life carefully, you can find all works you are doing do not really need move towards your end of success. Industrial reports say that more people waste more than 48% of their working time in distractions and using internet for outside activities;more than 30% waste time in their personal business. Gossiping and other unnecessary jobs occupy much of their time.

Tips to avoid time wasters

1) Try to be prompt in your duties
Lame excuses lead to wasting time. When you go late, you try to say excuses. You waste time on finding excuses. Being prompt in your duties will keep you away from time wasters. It will increase your self-esteem. Even if you happen to be late, tell the truth instead of giving lame excuses. If you say, “I am sorry; it will not happen again,” it will build up your mental energy instead of wasting time in brainstorm ideas.

2) Creating small time slots
By creating small time slots you can organize well your work without wasting time. Deadline can motivate your work. This can also bring perfection in your work.

3) Plan your work well
While planning your work you may give unpleasant works the first preference. When you finish them, you will have more initiative to carry out the rest easily.

4) Avoid wandering attention
This will avoid procrastination. It is human nature to keep the ball rolling in your hands instead of passing it on. Time does not wait for anyone. By training the brain to be in the present you can achieve this.

5) Avoid gossiping
Gossiping always produces negative results. Talking about others behind may give you some sadistic pleasure, but it is dangerous for you as well as others.

By wasting time you lose your gains. This does not mean that you should turn into an automaton. You are human and you have to respect your personality and personal traits. In spite of all your drawbacks you can succeed in life if you try to avoid the time wasters.



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