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Control Anger Before it Controls You

November 03, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 14   Category: Health    Views: 682

Anger is an emotion. Normally, it is a healthy emotion. But when it gets out of control, it becomes so furious that it can break relationships and cause heavy damages. Hence it is necessary to learn to control anger before it controls you.


Anger is an emotional condition. It has to be treated. Treating anger needs training. it may be necessary in certain situations. It has to be handled as a dangerous weapon. When it is let free, out of control, it creates dangerous situations. When anger goes out of control, it becomes so furious that it can break relationships and cause heavy damages that cannot be repaired or restored. Here are a few tips to control anger.

A Tamil saint on controlling anger

Thiruvalluvar, an ancient Tamil saint of India, enlists the benefits of controlling anger. In his famous poetic work Thirukkural he lists out the dangers of getting angry. Chapter 31 of Thirukkural explains all the evil consequences of anger.

In Kural 301 he says, “He restrains his anger who restrains it when it can injure; when it cannot injure, what does it matter whether he restrain it, or not ?”; and in Kural 305 he says, “If a man would guard himself, let him guard against anger; if he do not guard it, anger will kill him.”

Tips to control anger

1) Anger is an essential emotion that needs control
Anger is an essential emotional state that varies in intensity. It may be a mild irritation or intense fury and rage which turns to be dangerous. As seen in other emotions, anger is expressed by physiological and biological changes. It may be caused by persons, events or personal problems. Although anger is instinctively expressed in aggressive responses, it can be controlled by proper mental training.

2) Just take a deep breath and relax
Taking a deep breath will fill your lungs with fresh energy to relax your aggressive emotions. there are many relaxation techniques which are very good for your health. They are easy to learn and very practical for health of both body and mind.

3) Tone down
Anger may provoke your voice. When you feel that you are angry, use your words and tone carefully. Anger may miss your good intentions and lose respect. Avoid blaming others without any reason.

4) Resolve the issue
Think of positive solutions, instead of hyper-focusing on what made you upset. Try to think positively.

5) Get help from others
Anger pours out your inner self. What you act in anger makes understand who you are. Hence, try to get the help of others to control your anger.

If you need, you may have to attend counseling. That will help you recognize the triggers that make you angry and help you control your anger in a positive way.



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