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Ladies Can Look Leaner With Right Type of Dresses

November 03, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 685

Women want to look thinner. It gives them an angelic appearance. Are you worried about your obese appearance. You can look leaner by your dress. Read on about a few tips that make you look leaner.


Modern women want to look leaner and younger. Slim and trim appearance is the dream of every woman. Looking thin builds up one's confidence and personality. It is natural to the fair sex to appear leaner and move about like angelic fairies.

Fashion world is producing dresses that can give ladies slimmer appearance. Dresses that match their complexion and body type can make them look slimmer and younger. There are a lot of choices for ladies that can satisfy their needs and tastes. By choosing the right type of dresses even fat women can look thinner.

If you are such a woman worried about your fat appearance, read on these tips that can surely relieve you of your worries.

1) Always choose the right type of dress that fit you well. Fit does not mean tight. If you wear dresses are too tight, it will lead to bulges, rolls and dimples, just like choosing larger size dresses which give you a bigger appearance.

2) Give more importance to your good bits. For example, if you have a slender neck but your waistline is a bit above normal, highlight your neckline and draw attention to the neckline by adding an eye-catching necklace or any other accessory to the neck part of dress. If you feel your arms are toned, wear a sleeveless top to highlight your plus points.

3) Striped dresses give a leaner appearance. Choosing stripes make you look leaner. Horizontal stripes may not suit your look. Keeping the tops short is better. Lengthy tops provide a fatter and short appearance. So find out which type of tops and striped dresses make you look thinner.

4) Choose flattering items to use on areas you want to mask or disguise. For example, if you want to show your tummy flat choose a flattering tunic and do not go for skin tight dresses.

5) Tall ladies may wear longer skirts that elongate their look and make them appear leaner. Short ladies may wear a skirt that falls just below their knee which makes them appear a bit taller and thinner. Short ladies should avoid above the knee skirts and ankle length skirts.

6) As far as possible avoid single color fabrics. Better choose a two color combo. It may add merit to your complexion.

7) V-line neck will distract the attention from the middle area and provide you a slimmer appearance. So also a V-line waist may reduce a bulky appearance of the waist and top portion of the hips.

Nowadays there are wonderful designs that provide you appearance as per your wish and pleasure. Experts in fashion designing may help you a lot in choosing the right type of dress that make you look leaner and younger.


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