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Career options - Earning from within the comforts of your home

November 04, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1024

If one has the imagination there are many options for earning from the comfort of your home. Many ladies also do tailoring at home and basic beauty treatment like tweezing eye brows, hair dye and simple facial and back oil massage and cleansing all of which can turn out to be lucrative in the long run..


If one has the vision, determination and is willing to work hard say for a few hours each day one can earn good money sitting at home , within the comforts of one's home.
Talking of one such option here - Supplying home cooked meals to private homes and offices which is gaining popularity in most major cities across the country.

I see many working couple opting to go for this and it is an excellent earning option for housewives who like to cook and are good at cooking . Food, especially home cooked wholesome food will always be in demand, since many people who work don’t have the time nor the patience to come home and cook, also ordering outside food from takeaways has its limitations.

I have a neighbor who supplies packed home cooked meals both vegetarian and non vegetarian to various households. She has a daily help who assists her in shopping and cooking and also a part time maid to do the cleaning up of the large tiffin carriers and lunch boxes in which she supplies the food to offices which is done through an auto rickshaw. But, the dinner is supplied to various homes by herself on her two wheeler.

I too ordered one each of vegetarian and non vegetarian meals from her and the food was really good and very reasonably priced at Rs 50 and Rs 65 each respectively . She gives a healthy combination of 2 rotis ,a substantial amount of steamed rice,2 varieties of vegetable curries, dhal and papad and for non vegetarians an additional dish of fish curry/fish fry/chicken curry /mutton curry. The food was tasty and healthy without having too much oil or added preservatives which is a common feature in many takeaways.

All things considered, this is an excellent opportunity for housewives since there is a lot of demand for home cooked food that comes to your door step..More and more people are realising that home cooked meals are any day better than ordering from fast food joints. There is always demand for good food especially when it is home cooked and prepared with care. This lady is doing that and everything is clean so people feel confident to order from her. It is imperative that one has to take care with the materials used and also hygiene maintained while cooking. Many people love to cook and when the food is appreciated by others it is very fulfilling as an earning opportunity as well.

Some facts to bear in mind

1, In countries of the East , India and particularly in Asia, hospitality and serving food has a lot of significance both cultural and religious and probably this is the reason why even the authorities go easy. However, some strict measures and regulations are needed , that would make the entire food business more organized and accountable since there is income being generated . In India too like elsewhere there are checks made by the health authorities once the catering business even if it is run from home, crosses the basic earning limit that goes above the taxable income. So, it is better to get all the facts that you need to know as far as tax rules are concerned since it regulates everything ,making it accountable with regard to the quality and also money earned since it is a private business. It might also save you a lot of headache later in life if and when your business grows and you may get fined for keeping mum about it.

2, Food will never go out of demand any time as long as people are there. There are some households where people go at meal time and eat there itself, saves a lot of trouble for the supplier in the way of packing and taking the food and the cost too is a little less, so it helps both sides. This is another option that one can try out instead of supplying meals to the door steps.

3, You can advertise through local newspapers and the internet - In every town small and big , today there are ladies supplying lunch mainly to bachelors and also working couple who find it difficult to manage the kitchen. Many of them advertise on the net like this neighbor of mine has also done, and they do get a very good response through the net. Baking cakes and other stuff will give an added and good opportunity to earn more .In fact anything connected with food has life long demand.

4,Large cosmopolitan cities have people from all over the country who come for work and many of them plan to settle there as well as long as they have good career opportunities. So, even food is in great variety to cater to all kinds of choices. If one is innovative and do some research as to what kind of food is in demand within ones area and cook meals accordingly it would be advantageous while starting out.

5, In fact people with large houses rent out rooms for travelers and tourists providing home cooked food for them for breakfast and dinner. This is a very good option when you have the resources and the time to do so.

There are some great souls who even do it for free - In a village close by to my own town there is a very well established agriculturist family, very wealthy but very committed to certain worthy causes in their lives .The lady feeds three poor students from a nearby school every afternoon. The students studying at a nearby school go to the house during lunch break, eat a hot meal and come back in time for classes.

So, if one has the imagination there are many options for earning from the comfort of your home. Many ladies also do tailoring at home and basic beauty treatment like tweezing eye brows, hair dye and simple facial and back oil massage and cleansing all of which can turn out to be lucrative in the long run.


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