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Pros and Cons of the New Computer Baby Windows 8

November 04, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Software    Views: 884

The computer company Microsoft has given birth to the new baby named Windows 8. It is available in the market now. How far it is going to change the computer world is to be decided by the future.


A new baby is born in the computer world and has been christened as Windows 8. Microsoft company has released the current version of the Windows operating system. It has reached the public through market. Though it was announced in 2011, it is available in the market only since October 26, 2012. The computer world is analyzing its pros and cons.

Pros of Windows 8

1) Windows 8, produced by Microsoft in intended to be used on personal computers. It can be used in home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. It is the latest version of software giant Microsoft.

2) This is an upgrade from Windows 7 which has been available since October 22, 2009. Microsoft chairman Steve Ballmer has revealed his opinion about it as the biggest change in the PC industry in nineteen years.

3) It is a challenge to the computer companies which have caused more users abandon PCs and moving to iPhones and iPads. Microsoft has come back in the computer battlefield with its innovative Windows 8. Its arrival in the computer market is another adventurous attempt from Microsoft to stay relevant in the wake of stiff competition from Apple.

4) Windows 8 mainly targets at enterprises that are already using Windows products. It comes with new provisions such as complete revamp of user interface, to be used for PCs as well as mobile operating system and running the OS from a flash drive.

5) Windows 8 has introduced a new shell and user interface based off Microsoft’s Metro design language. It comes with an emphasis on touchscreen input. It has the ability to login using gestures on a picture.

6) Boot time has been reduced to under 8 seconds. Now the OS can support 3G and 4G speed. The new Start screen comes with a grid of dynamically updating tiles to represent applications

7) Another important feature of Windows 8 is its ability to synchronize programs and settings between multiple devices.

Cons of Windows 8

1) Many features such as Start menu and support for playing DVD have been removed from the new computer.

2) Removal of start menu and the new user interface design may be very confusing to the raw users. Consumers have to be retrained a lot to use this system.

3) A new hardware is required to take advantage of the touch screen.

With the arrival of the new computer Windows 8, the game of competition has started between computer companies. It will be interesting to see how the consumers will react to the war between these tech giants.


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