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Toshiba 1 TB Automatic Backup Portable Hard Drive Review

November 05, 2012  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 12   Category: New Product Release  Earning $0.20   Views: 1181

A review of the recently released automatic portable hard drive by Toshiba.



Toshiba automatic portable drive comes with NTI Pocket Data Backup software, preloaded on the drive. The storage of data has become easy than ever before with this drive, as it stores the data automatically from your computer. You just need to plug the device to the computer and the data is stored automatically, no need to worry about the regular data backup to be done manually.

It offers you peace of mind as your important data is always protected in the drive. There is a risk of loosing data anytime, due to some unexpected system crash. However, if the drive is connected one can save the data, as it saves data automatically. The other helpful feature is one has the option to select the file type, which you want to backup on the drive. This feature will help you to select and backup only important files rather all bulk data just by selecting required type of the file.


It is compact, and can be carried out easily in the pocket. The anti-slip feature helps you to carry the drive or transfer the files, wherever you are with ease. The weight of the drive is 147 gm. The drive is 83 mm in width, 119 mm in length, and 14.5 mm in height.


• It supports USB 3.0, which means you can transfer your files very fast. The higher the version of USB, the data transfer is faster. It is also compatible with USB 2.0, the older computers supports only USB 2.0. Hence, this feature is helpful for older version systems.

• The drive doesn't require any software installation.

• It just needs to be plugged to the computer and the data is stored automatically. It is very helpful feature especially for software code developers and researchers, as their important discoveries, which are valuable, are stored in the drive automatically. It is also helpful to data entry operators in banks and other offices because of its automatic saving feature.

• One can connect multiple computers to the drive; the feature is helpful when working in networking environment. All the computers in the network can be connected to one single drive to backup the data from all computers easily.

• The additional feature is the backup data can be restored easily. The files can also be selected by type to restore. Hence, one can easily restore the files when needed.

• The drive comes with user manual pre-loaded in it.
• The supplementary feature that gives peace of mind is 2-years warranty. The drive has 2-years warranty preloaded on it.


• The storage capacity of the drive is 1 TB. One terabyte is a very huge space to save the data. It is approximately equal to 227 DVD-ROM's. Hence, one can save data compact and safely in the drive.

• The transfer rate is Up to 5 Giga bytes per second, when connected with USB 3.0 and up to 480 Mega byte per second, when connected with USB 2.0

• The speed of copying data is 5400 Revolution per minute (RPM).

• The average seek time of data transfer is 12ms.

• The cache buffer size is 8 MB on the drive.

System Requirements

It supports win XP, windows vista and window 7, operating systems. These operating systems are user-friendly, and typically used in home and office computers. The drive has NTFS format type to support these operating systems.

Available colors and Price

The drive is available in burgundy color only. The drive was released on 18th of last month(October 2012). The price of the drive is $139.


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