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Motivational Books - Do they Really help?

November 07, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 853

At some time or the other you might decide to read a motivational book.. Most of these motivational books or what is generally termed as feel good books try to bring out certain facets of your own personality which , one may not have realised , existed within us.


These days Motivational and feel good books are being read by many book lovers and the general opinion is that they do help. According to them it makes you think and helps you put yourself in a positive frame of mind, which is good enough for a start.

I read one recently called Peaks and Valleys written by Spencer Johnson which was excellent ! The other day I was browsing through some books in a bookstall here and came across a slim volume of one such book written by a Japanese writer and even as I was debating whether to buy it or not, another person interested in it bought it. I see that there is a lot of demand for motivational books these days . There are ever so many motivational books these days, just goes to show that there is a lot of demand for such books and people do like reading them.

However, there are a few people who say that reading such books serves no purpose .But then tastes differ and some do get motivated by such books and it may help them at least to a certain extent in bettering their lives. We live such a stressful life these days that we do need some incentives like books or shows that motivate us and put us in a positive frame of mind. Most of these motivational books or what is generally termed as feel good books try to bring out certain facets of your own personality which , one may not have realized , existed within us.

They help us perform better and also know ourselves better. A kind of introspection which we may not otherwise indulge in ! Some of them no doubt are not that good, just written with the idea of making a quick buck. However, some of the ones written earlier are really good and do help you in their own way. The ones that one need to stay away from are the get rich quick books - which simply don’t work.

Inspiration and Interest matters

If a book does not inspire in the manner it should, it is probably not worth reading it. I was reading a book on self hypnosis and how it could improve your health, state of mind etc; but I felt that the procedure was far too complicated and simply not worth the effort. However, one of my colleague was impressed by the book and he has taken it up seriously, so it is also a matter of taste and interest. Reading that book ,I did gain some knowledge though!

There are many things in life that we take for granted while some people have to struggle for every little thing .It is the lives of such people who are still able to remain positive that is far more inspiring than a handful of great people who are in news anyway. In India, as most people know there is a huge water problem and in Rajasthan and Gujarat, most of the day is spent in looking for water and collecting it from steams or wells which are 4 -5 kms away from the villages. The women go in groups walking through the desert , carrying two pots one above the other on their head and singing and chattering ..It is this kind of spirit that makes life worth living and also makes the rest of us realise that we should not take nature’s bounty for granted!

There is nothing better than self help. Someone known to me had an extremely tough time and had nothing going for her, no money, a broken marriage, indifferent kids and absolutely no help from anyone except a few friends who couldn't do much! She changed things to her advantage by doing packed lunch service to office goers and bank employees and today is very busy with work and also earning well. She was into reading motivational books and attending lectures during her bad patch and I am sure it did help her. This also makes us realise that we change our preferences for reading certain kind of books at a certain stage in our life. It has to do with the kind of influences and experiences that are shaping our life at that moment. Some people read only religious books or only philosophical books depending on the state of their mind, we all go through these phases in life which is but natural. Like they say You are not the same tomorrow since today's experience has added something to your personality and left an impression.

Lasting impressions

What you read and what has made an impression , does stay with you and comes in handy at some stage of your life or the other. Not always but at times they also have effect on our subconscious mind. Many times they do help. Especially when we are in confused or depressed state of mind they tend us to gain self confidence as well face any adverse situation. It doesn’t really matter what book you read, as long as it makes a positive impression on you and adds on to your thinking. One can gain knowledge and inspiration from anywhere and anything in life. Motivational books do make you think and remain positive since most of them deal with self improvement and self analysis.

Books are special in their own way and once you have developed the reading habit since childhood , it stays with you for life . If you only got one little thing out of every book or seminar you might accumulate enough to make you wise. The thing is though will it have an effect on you ? or change something for the better and actually work? That depends entirely on you and your perception .

However, every book has something to contribute, even a fiction since we get to know about places or lifestyles of other people. As for motivational books they do help us in some way or the other. It may not change you and make you different or anything as drastic as that but it does give you an inner strength and the courage to face things and practical realities of life, also deal with them instead of running away from them - moulding and refining our thoughts also makes us analytical !which is more than sufficient...
At some time or the other you might decide to read a motivational book -I feel that we all change in our personality, taste, in fact, in many ways since each experience adds something new to our personality and it is the sum total of all these experiences that give us wisdom. That is the whole truth that is normally discussed in almost all motivational books.


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