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Reliability of Over The Counter Vitamins

November 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 498

Modern life has become more commercial than humanitarian. Every aspect of life is judged in the balance of money. Medicines available over the counter have become money swindling techniques. Can we rely on the vitamins available over the counter?


Modern medical world has become more commercial. Medical world which is supposed to treat patients with service mind has become money minded in the modern world. Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are squeezing the medical world with as many money swindling techniques as possible. Advertisement companies have a special knack for pinpointing the most effective techniques to turn a profit to the commercial products. In this condition, can we rely on the vitamins available over the counter to build up immunity and prevent diseases?

Purchasing vitamins over the counter

Many people buy vitamins at the local grocery store, bulk club store, pharmacy, etc. Do they think for a moment if they get for what they pay their money? Unfortunately these vitamins are doing more harm than good. Most of the store bought vitamins contain harmful ingredients and waste materials. Synthetic vitamins are cheaply manufactured and may harm you since they are in non-absorbable forms. In addition to your body not getting any nutritional benefits, these vitamins do harm your health condition.

Beware of the ingredients

Some vitamin supplements come with the term “other ingredients”. When they are not specific, it may mean that chemicals and other ingredients such as talc, dyes, sodium benzoate, carnauba wax, silicon, and artificial ingredients are included in them. Why should you supplement such toxic chemicals when they are harmful?

Children poisoned easily

Many of the pediatric supplements are colorful and fruit flavored. But are you aware that they may be loaded with possible carcinogenic, artificial ingredients and food dyes. Most of the children’s vitamins contain glucose syrup. Feeding children these over the counter vitamins do more harm than good. many researches have revealed the close association between food additives and ADHD.

Try to get vitamins from vegetables and fruits

You can mostly get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals from the food you take. It is more beneficial and reliable. You can supplement them with high quality products when it is absolutely necessary, that too with the guidance of the doctor. Stop wasting your money and harming your body.

Time has come to think for a second before purchasing vitamins and throwing your money unnecessarily. Eat wholesome food supplements, organic fruits and vegetables. Please do not be carried away by the advertisements. Consider quality over quantity.


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