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Sleeping Disorders in Children May Kill Them Slowly

November 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 500

Sleep is a blessing of nature. Everyone has to sleep to refresh his body and mind. Children of the modern days are affected very much because of sleeping disorders due to the lifestyle changes. If these disorders develop as chronic, they may end in fatal consequences. Here are some tips that can protect your children from such a misfortune.


A good night's sleep is a blessing of nature. Sleep refreshes body and mind for the activities on the following day. Lack of sleep affects health physically and psychologically. Modern lifestyle changes have created circumstances that have great impact on peaceful sleep. Today man is more anxious, stressed and depressed than people of the past. This has made him restless and unable to sleep.

Children deprived of sleep

Children need to sleep more than adults. But recent researches on the sleeping conditions of children say that many children in the modern lifestyle are chronically sleep deprived. For example, a report from National Sleep Foundation (NSF) of the US states that more than 65% of children below the age of 10 have experienced some type of sleep problem. Other studies state that there is a close association between poor sleep habits in children and bad grades in their studies. Moreover, some studies reveal that sleep disturbed children have more depressive symptoms and anxiety disorders. Whatever may be the causes, sleep disorders in children affect their health very much and may lead to fatal consequences.

Tips to teach children to sleep

1) Children want to be awake and enjoy TV, videogames, etc. If they get any chance, they prefer to be playing with others: for example, sleepover with friends, summer camps, etc. Disturbance in sleep will affect their internal clock, known as circadian rhythm. Hence, it is important to train them have regular sleep. Schedule their sleeping hours and make them sleep. Let them follow a consistent bedtime routine.

2) Never allow them watch TV, etc. too close to their bedtime. The children will get excited or upset, unable to wind down to sleep.

3) The bedroom should be as much dark as possible to induce sleep. There may be a night lamp which also help them sleep, because they may be afraid of sleeping in complete darkness.

4) A drink of warm milk before going to sleep is good. But beverages containing caffeine such as chocolate milk should be avoided since they will stimulate nerves and keep them awake.

5) A soothing environment in the bedroom will help induce sleep. Loud noises may not allow them sleep.

Make the children practice a good routine of sleep. Peaceful sleep provides rest to their body and mind and helps them grow well. It protects them from many ailments. A goodnight’s sleep itself is a tonic for their health. Find out the sleeping disorders in children, if they have any, and protect them from fatal consequences.


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