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Assure the Asset of Smile

November 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 641

Smile is a great asset that costs you nothing but enriches you greatly. It wins you everything. Do you make use of this asset for your success in life? Do you care to keep your teeth bright and make your smile shine?


A warm smile on your face is the most precious accessory that you can wear always. It costs you nothing. But assures you great riches and success in life. It is more pleasant and precious than any dress that you can wear. It makes you and others happy. Smile fills your home with happiness. It promotes goodwill in business. It fosters friendship with countersign of smile. But you have to take care of your smile.

What makes smile unpleasant?

Face is the index of mind. Modern life is too busy to take care of teeth and face. Many are too tired of brushing their teeth early in the morning and too busy to do proper flossing. They are tempted to skip these daily chores in a hurry. They forget that their smile depends on these simple mouth care habits.

Care to maintain oral health is very important. Oral health begins with cleaning the teeth. If there is any problem in the teeth or mouth, a dentist or an ENT doctor should be consulted.

How to care the teeth to make your smile shining?

1) American Dental Association suggests some basic tips on brushing and flossing. These tips help good maintenance of teeth and oral hygiene. Brushing teeth at least twice a day is a good habit.

2) Do not brush in a hurry. Spend enough time to do the job thoroughly.Brush the cavities properly.

3) Use proper brush and paste. The brush should be soft-bristled. Using a fluoride toothpaste is ideal. Using an electric toothbrush or battery operated brush may be difficult for people with ailments such as arthritis.

4) Some people use brushes for a very long time. A brush should be replaced when the your bristles become frayed and do not brush properly.

5) Right techniques of using the brush should be learnt from childhood. Brush should be used angularly so that it can reach teeth in back and forth motions.

6) Flossing should be done thoroughly. Floss teeth one by one using your thumbs and forefingers. Rub the floss against all the sides of the teeth. Gargle well and clear the throat and mouth.

Teeth have an important role in smile. If they maintained well you will have the confidence to face people with a good smile. Smile enhances your mood and activities. Smile is reciprocal. Make your smile shining and your life successful.


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