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Football Game in China

November 10, 2012  by: clopilet  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 605

The NFL has the benefit of fast development in China.


The NFL has the benefit of fast development in China. However, it will not hold a game in China until the supporter base accomplishes a moment at which something becomes irreversible and unstoppable. In order to prevent spoiling its "brand name equity", said the chief of the league's Chinese operations. The NFL is rated as world's prosperous skilled sports group by Forbes. Its annual revenues are in excess of nine billion dollars. Rivals such as the Major League Baseball and NBA are overshadowded by the NFL at home. However, its playing is picking-up in China.

The National FootBall league had dropped the ball by getting late in China, accepted Richard Young, NFL China Managing Director. However he is happy with the development in the recognition of American football across most important cities of mainland China. Young told Reuters that they are not following the identical old route the way a few individuals are still doing, looking at billion people and just expecting five percent. As and when people follow that approach it's all disappeared. Many people repeatedly try to make very uniform axioms about China.

However, it cannot be said that there's an enriching reason as to why American football is much admired in America than it is abroad. It's just because the NBL haven't been much active, have not been practical, in developing the game abroad, mainly in China. What can be done differently? Begin soon, that can be the number one thing. The European soccer teams, the Major League Baseball as well as the NBA have started games in China. However, there were no strategies for the NFL to do the same anytime shortly.

Earlier, the NFL cancelled an exhibition game involving the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. This was because the NFL's international development was directed through London and China was not ready for the game.The logistical complexity in bringing the NFL roadshow to China and distributing something that would do justice to NFL were also somewhat taken too lightly. The Shanghai-based Young was not in favour of holding a game in China till their fan base is at an appropriate level to support itself and there was also extra demand for more.



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