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Depression - Some facts

November 11, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 861

All human beings have problems in their personal lives that often drives them to depression. In fact, the more problems you get to face the stronger and more self confident you become, you can handle anything in life now without getting frustrated or going to pieces


We are living in stressful times and even simple things going wrong tend to throw us off gear, so we have to be tough. However sometimes life becomes difficult when too many adversities come at the same time and one can become frustrated and go into depression.

We see depression hitting everyone at some stage or the other. Some get into deep depression which becomes a clinical case and need to be treated with counseling whereas others may not need treatment, however, it does become difficult to get over it.. Many of us too have felt depressed at times when things don't work out the way we want them to, but we are able to get over it after a few days and spring back to our normal selves. Once we go into the root of the matter it becomes easy to figure things out, it will take time but at least you would have made an effort..

Why does it happen?

People go into depression for varied causes. It could be sue to some personal stress and bereavement or dejection, even old age and infirmity can drive people into depression and when it becomes serious, the person may need psychiatric help and counseling.
There's a difference between a low mood and depression. A clinical depression means that you are unable to sleep, you either eat nothing or too much sometimes, you feel worthless, you've no sense of fun or wonder. One can shake a low mood off, but not a depression. If it becomes a constant feature, you need to be treated with anti-depressants and cognitive behavior therapy as well.

We hear of cases where people go through this kind of clinical depression and are at first suffer a lot of anguish and pain. However, once they are put on medication and also counseling including group counseling, most of them are able to come out of it and get back to normal life again.

Some of the causes

1,It is the little things that make us more disturbed because we have to find solutions and work towards solving the major issues in our life which keeps us mentally alert all the time, whereas the minor irritants that are all the time irritating you can get far more serious and when you are unable to find any satisfactory solution to the problem it can often manifest itself into depression.

2, When things don't work out the way we want them to, many of us feel down, but we can get over it through positive thinking. However clinical depression is different. With clinical depression you get the same feelings of being down but with no apparent reason.

3, As we become more independent and nuclear we also become more lonely and our relationships too become strained, this is probably what is causing depression in many people. People can go into severe depression with panic attacks with being totally negative and depressed on a nearly daily basis. Such attacks need to be treated with clinical help.

4, When you lose someone you love, it can be the major cause for depression. You simply have no interest in anything , nor the willpower, continue to exist without taking much interest in anything around you.

5, The more sensitive a person is the more one gets disturbed easily and can become depressed too when something negative happens in their life.

Some solutions

Positive attitude is an important factor in life.The most important thing is to develop a positive attitude early in life so that it becomes a habit and you are able to withstand things better.

Time is the greatest healer and people do get over any kind of stress or grief at least to a certain extent with time, if not completely so at least the intensity of the grief does become less.

A strong support system of family and friends helps a lot, becomes much easier to cope since they take part of your burden by communicating and giving you inner strength. Communication is very helpful in coping with stress and depression.

Self analysis solves a lot of problems regarding our interrelationships and interactions with others because at the base of our depression is some such issue if not financial problems. The more analytical we are , easier does it become to come out of depression. Being honest with ourselves and our actions gives us a boost because we are not trying to push anything under the carpet and need not feel guilty when it gets pulled out.

Self Meditation is also very helpfulSitting quietly in a corner and thinking about the days happenings especially the incidents that disturb us and cause tension or stress and analysing it from every angle .One has to be honest and take all sides into account while doing that - ours, the other persons and the right and wrong of it. You become more clear when this is done , the stress automatically decreases because you have analysed it to the best of your capacity. What is causing stress needs to be brought out and analysed so that you are able to see impartially how and the why of it. Once it gets released it does not disturb you all the time since you have already faced it.

Being philosophical about life helps a lot, you begin to be detached and that itself makes you calmer and ready to face life with more determination..

Yoga , meditation and walking is very good. When you take walking seriously and get all the benefits it is one of the best stress busters ever. We should take time to study our surroundings and nature which is enough to divert our mind and instil positive energy. You also have to plan a schedule according to your day’s routine and other work that needs to be attended to .

Take life as a challenge - If we don’t have ups and downs then life would become boring with absolutely no challenges. That is good to divert your mind, best way to deal with depression and any negative feeling. Do some activity, in fact any activity that helps you divert your mind .

You are not the only one ,one should also take comfort from the fact that other people too have been through such situations which seem to come together and test our resilience – not giving up, doing our best and taking all the help you can get and coming out of it, which is what helps us. You will be much stronger. Since we can never go back in life, there is no point in looking back, just being focused firmly about your future helps immensely to get over depression.

To conclude we must realise that all human beings have problems in their personal lives. In fact, the more problems you get to face the stronger and more self confident you become, you can handle anything in life now without getting frustrated or going to pieces. There is simply no point in crying over spilled milk or over anything for that matter, the past is past and we have to concentrate on the present before that too becomes past.


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