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Severe Headaches and some remedies

November 12, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.50   Views: 789

The cause of severe headaches also depends on the constitution of a person. But normally fatigue, sleeplessness and stress are known to cause headache when there is no other major health complication.


We see many people suffering from very severe headaches and doing all sorts of things to get rid of the pain. Some have Migraine headaches which become a constant feature in their lives and they do nothing about it , thinking that there is no cure for it. But according to many health experts, every kind of headache has a reason and it is very in essential to go deep into the root of the matter and try to find out why you get it. Once you come to know the reason there is always a cure for it.

It can be either due to stress, lack of sleep or over work or it can also be due to high Blood Pressure or other health related matters. It can be due to some internal growth as well. So it is always better to analyze and see why we are suffering from headaches and take proper medication. We must also realize that we all have different levels of tolerance where headache or any other physical ailment is concerned. One of my friends has had migraine for a very long period of time. She went to Kerala last summer from where she bought some medicated oil which she uses for massaging her forehead and she also was given a churna made from herbs and roots, which she takes regularly. She now feels that the medication has really benefited her!

The cause of severe headaches also depends on the constitution of a person. But normally fatigue, sleeplessness and stress are known to cause headache when there is no other major health complication. The anxiety, severe tension, tiredness, loss of sleep, reading for long hours , also some disorder in the brain may cause severe head aches. Disorder in the eyes and eyesight too may cause headache that needs special care by an ophthalmologist.

Some remedial measures

1, The simplest thing to do is to drink plenty of water , which solves many health problems besides keeping us trim and glowing. Many people who suffer from severe headaches on a regular basis felt that when they began drinking more water the frequency of their headaches came down drastically. Lack of water in our system is bound to affect the bodily functions and nervous system I guess. That's why water is considered to be most essential to us.

2, There is nothing like resting for a while or taking a short nap with a cold towel on the forehead. It helps even when people suffering from high fever.

3, Most headaches that come with day today stress and other minor problems go away once the stress gets released or through simple medication. But when it becomes chronic then it becomes a cause for worry and needs to be looked into. However, when it is stress related one can take any standard medication that is easily available at the chemists and one finds relief within 15 -30 minutes. Make it a point to drink lots of water when you take any kind of medication.

4, Another very helpful home remedy is a hot oil massage on the scalp and also forehead which proves very effective . Most people use medicated oils like camphor based or eucalyptus based oils. Massaging the scalp with certain balms like Tiger balm, Amruthanjan , Vicks and a few others too give relief from the head ache.

5, Yoga is of course very helpful and so is deep breathing. Pranayama or the yogic too may give effective relief from the headaches especially that one gets due to allergy. Yoga not only helps get rid of the headache but also improves your general health.

6,Taking a long walk normally helps when you are suffering from headache .Being one with nature and inhaling fresh air does have positive effects on us .

7, Any eye disorder causes headaches if not detected. The Ophthalmologist normally does an eye test and prescribes glasses or corrective glasses as the case may be. This has to be worn regularly the headache eventually goes away.

8,Personally I find acu pressure very helpful. Just pressing the nerve endings on the forehead with my finger tips relieves the pressure and the headache is gone in minutes. In fact I recommend acu pressure to all those who suffer from acute and frequent headaches since t is cost free and has no side effects like medication and is very effective. You just have to press the nerve ends on your forehead several times to release the pressure and your headache vanishes within seconds. It is important that you have to find the right nerve endings above your brows and then press it down several times to release pressure..

9, When stress is the main reason why we get headache also ailments like when you have high BP you get a headache , you have to consult a doctor instead of self medicating.

10, Some people suffer from headaches every time they go to certain places. This is psychosomatic, related to some other memory that is connected to the place which creates tension in the person and brings on a headache.

11, Exercise too is very helpful in improving the metabolism and generally making a person healthier. We can see that people who are active and fit rarely get headaches.

12, Some people suffer from Sinusitis which can also cause severe headaches and at such times the only option left is to take proper medication as prescribed by the doctor or think of undergoing a minor surgery which completely gets rid of the problem of both sinusitis and the resultant headache.

13, Some people get headaches due to insufficient sleep .They may have work schedules that don’t let them sleep much. The only option then is to take naps as and when possible which definitely helps. One can also get rid of headaches that one gets due to lack of sleep and by ding some deep breathing.

Finally, eating healthy, doing regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is sure to make us feel fit and I am sure it also helps in keeping most minor ailments like headaches and body aches at bay


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