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An Ancient Indian Saint Tells Why We Should Thank

November 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 720

Thanksgiving Day is not the only day to thank. It is a reminder that we should thank for everything throughout our life. An ancient Tamil saint who wrote the famous work “Thirukkural” has pointed out why thanking is so important in our life.


Although Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on a particular day in the west and the east, especially after harvest days, it is not to be limited for just one day. Thanksgiving is to be observed every minute and every day throughout our life. Giving thanks is a very vital virtue which God has granted to humanity only. Man elevates himself to a higher level through offering thanks.

Thanksgiving is the primary virtue of human beings

Giving thanks is the primary virtue of humanity. That is why most of the religious ceremonies and rituals give the topmost priority to thanksgiving while praising and praying. Thanksgiving is the acknowledgement of satisfaction for all the benefits that we get from God and others. It unites us in harmony with God and others. It fills our heart and soul with joy and helps our body to be healthy.

An ancient Indian saint about the importance of thanksgiving

Thiruvalluvar an ancient saintly poet who lived two thousand years ago in South India has written about the importance of giving thanks in his famous Tamil poetic work called Thirukkural. A whole chapter containing ten couplets has been allotted to thanksgiving in Thirukkural. From Kural No.101 to 110, the poet speaks about the importance of thanksgiving.

1) Thirukkural 101 says that the help or assistance given by those who had never received anything from the beneficiary is so great that it is a gift of heaven and earth which the beneficiary cannot repay. Think of all the benefits we get throughout the day for our survival and happiness. Are we not bound to think of them and thank?

2) An act of kindness done in the appropriate time when it was needed most, however small it may be, is greater than the whole world. (Kural 102) This benevolent act should always be remembered and be grateful.

3) The kindness of a person who does an act of kindness not expecting any return favor or benefit is vaster than the largest ocean.(Kural 103)

4) Even the smallest act of kindness will be considered and thanked as a greatest help--by those who really know the benefit and value of the deed. (104)

5) Any help or act of kindness is measured not by the worth of the act done but it is measured by the reaction of the one who is helped. This shows the great quality of gratitude. Remember what Jesus said to the only healed leper who returned and thanked Jesus for his kind act of healing.(Kural 105)

6) Good people will think of and thank the person who wiped their tears in affliction. They will be grateful to him forever- throughout all the seven-fold births they may be born on this earth. (Kural 107)

7) One should never forget a good deed or help done. It should always be remembered and thanked. Only negative or bad things should be forgotten. (Kural 108)

8) If you want to forget all the evils which someone did against you, just think of at least one good act of kindness that he had done for you earlier. This is the positive approach of life which is more effective and stronger than revenge. (Kural 109)

9) Any evil deed can be forgiven and forgot. But ingratitude can never be forgot. Ungratefulness brings an eternal curse. (Kural 110)

Thanksgiving is an eternal grace. It can remove all the curses. It can promise you a life of happiness on this earth and eternal bliss in the life to come.


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