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Thanksgiving Day Here(USA) and There(South India)

November 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 526

Although Thanksgiving day is celebrated almost in all the continents at different dates in different names, it is primarily celebrated in USA and Canada as Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day has its its traditional roots in celebrations of thanksgiving for good harvest since it is closely associated with the harvest festivals.


Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated on different dates in different countries throughout history. In Europe it had been a three day festival, celebrated after harvest, following the ancient Greek and Roman traditions of thanking the sun god. It was celebrated by the Christians also as harvest festival. When people from Europe settled in America they continued the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving day or harvest festival. In Canada, it is said to be celebrated as a day of thanking, in commemoration of Frobisher’s safe voyage from England to Canada. In the US, Thanksgiving Day is observed commemorating the 1621 Plymouth feast and thanksgiving rituals held by the Pilgrims who joined the native Indians’ celebrations after a good harvest.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday of November, followed by Black Friday which is supposed to be the first official day of Christmas shopping. So Thanksgiving day in the US can be considered as a two-day festival.

Thanksgiving observation

Thanksgiving Day in the US is celebrated with a special dinner with family and friends. The dinner usually includes turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. People sit together, say grace before the meal and enjoy the dinner. It is an occasion to thank all.

the day is observed in communities also with community dinners, feeding the poor and holding parades. Parades also mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season that starts with the Black Friday sales.

Thanksgiving Day in South India

In Tamil nadu, South India, harvest festival is celebrated for three days in the second week of January(14 to 16 January). The first day, 14 January, is dedicated to thank god, especially the sun god. People cook sugar rice in new vessels and when the boiled rice overwhelms the vessel all will shout in cheers which means life will also overwhelm with all happiness and prosperity. They offer a portion to sun god and share a delicious dinner with family members and friends.

The second day is dedicated to thank the animals that worked with people in agriculture. Bullocks and cows are decorated and given delicious food which they like most.

The third day is to visit elders and thank them for their blessings. It is an affectionate exchange of grateful regards between elders and youngsters.

Thanksgiving day and harvest festivals are meant to foster up the spirit of gratitude and build up relationship between families and friends. It is unfortunate that today life has lost the soul of gratefulness and has become more selfish and consumerist. Today, thanksgiving day is more commercial than giving thanks.


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