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What Inspired the Pilgrims to Celebrate the First Thanksgiving day?

November 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 474

The Pilgrims who settled in the new continent America were inspired to celebrate the First Thanksgiving day on the new land which they had reached after great hardships. What inspired them to have such a day on a new land?


Thanksgiving Day of this year is observed in the USA on 22 November, being the fourth Thursday. Thanksgiving Day has been a traditional festival of thanksgiving and honoring traditions, since the time of the Pilgrims who settled in this continent in the beginning of seventeenth century. Modern celebration of Thanksgiving Day is originally attributed to the harvest celebration that the Pilgrims held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. What inspired the forefathers of this country to have such a day?

A faithful thanksgiving of the Pilgrims

It was a faithful and heartfelt thanksgiving of the Pilgrims. It was a sigh of hardships. The first Thanksgiving day of the forefathers of this land was an emotional outburst of gratitude that came out of hardships. Death had been the companion of the Pilgrims and their comforts were very few. Only some had survived their tortuous first year. They were not sure what tribulations were ahead of their journey.

It was their faith that brought them to this land. Prayer was the only force that gave them strength to stand unshaken amidst all their calamities. Despite all the difficulties, they had survived. They had every reason to thank the heavenly Father Who guided them throughout.
The spirit of faith and friendship made the forefathers of this continent to share their meal with the Native Americans, in thanksgiving for the first time in 1621. It was their first Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day to strengthen faith and friendship

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional day of gratitude to strengthen faith, friendship and peace. The tradition of this day conjures up the past memories of friendship of a cooperative community where people of different backgrounds can sit together at the same table to break bread and give thanks.

An inspiration to the modern world

1) Thanksgiving Day of the Pilgrim Fathers is an inspiration to the modern America and the world where forces of division are active to separate minds, highlighting various reasons.

2) Today what we need more is to focus our attention on what can unite us rather than focusing on what is dividing humanity.

3) Thanksgiving Day should bring together different religions, races, regions, politics and ideologies under one fold as a human family of the same Father.

4) Coming together should enable us count the blessings and continue the life journey in harmonious sharing. It is an occasion to come together with a good spirit than tearing ourselves away in negative spirit of hatred or jealousy.

5) Thanksgiving day is to bow the heads in gratitude towards God and all who share life with us. It is to think of others who are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.

6) It is the day of resolution to work harder to build up a better world by joining our hands in real love and gratitude.



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