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In Search of a Loving Puppy

November 15, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 513

Loss of a loving puppy is a great shock for all, especially for little children. Loss of a pet cannot keep us peaceful. We are in search of it until we find it.


Little Johnny lost his favorite puppy Buddy in the recent monstrous storm. Somehow he missed it. He was hopeful that it would return. Even after hours puppy has not returned. Is there any of our loving one searching for us?

“ Oh, my Buddy, I need you now, Please come back. Where are you?” Tears rolled down little Johnny’s cheeks. He was in search of his beloved puppy Buddy. Somehow his puppy was lost in the recent chaotic storm and rain.

Little Johnny was crying aloud. Nobody could control him. He could not do anything without his Buddy. He could not come away from the memories of his frisky puppy, playfully biting a stick, tossing it about and doing all the tricks. Buddy was a devoted friend, accompanying him wherever he went, curling up on the couch with him, playing with him whenever possible, placing the tennis ball in his hands and ordering all around to play the game. Buddy was all for little Johnny. Little Johnny cannot imagine a life without his puppy.

A dog is lovely to all of us

We all love dogs. A new puppy is a great delight in our life when we succeed in teaching him do whatever we command. We love a puppy that obeys us faithfully. If we cannot get him obey what we teach him, he may run away and get hurt somewhere. A well loved puppy is trained in course of time. It needs slow and patient training. We teach him patiently until he almost understands our commands and obeys them. When he is fully trained we are contented that he will be safe and will not run away from us.

The Hound of Heaven

I always enjoy reading the famous poem of the English poet Francis Thompson. His poem, “The Hound of Heaven” is one of the most loved and possibly one of the more difficult Christian poems to read and appreciate the great love of God. As the hound follows the hare, without giving up the chase, Gos is following us, with His unhurrying and unperturbed pace, in His pursuit of search for us. He never lets us down or forgets us even we sin and go against Him. His love for us is everlasting and boundless.

God loves us and trains us

Through thick and thin God leads our life. He protects us and carries us through our trials and tribulations. When we live faithful to Him we are safer and happier. He has given free will. But our frail human nature takes us away from Him often. We go astray from Him. But God is in search of us, whom He loves most. He will never give up His search for us.
Yes, the Heavenly Hound is always in search of the earthly Puppies!


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