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Vitamin ZZZ to Encounter Cold and Flu

November 16, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 441

Vitamins are very essential for good health. Modern lifestyle cares more for vitamins A, B, C, D, etc. than it cares for vitamin ZZZ. But the fast lifestyle forgets to care for this vitamin ZZZ (sleep) which is very important in building up immunity.


Man can survive without vitamins such as vitamins A, B, and C. But he can not have a healthy life without the vitamin ZZZ--sleep. A sound sleep for eight hours is an essential part of healthy life. When the seasons change it is common to catch cold. A good sleep is the easiest way to encounter cold and flu.

Cold and flu common ailments

Unlike other diseases such as diabetes and obesity, cold and flu have become very common, especially in the modern lifestyle of busy contacts. Weather change and rain cause cold and flu very easily. Virus infection is the main reason. Almost everyone gets the cold virus 3 or 4 times a year. Children are the easiest victims to get infection and to spread it to others.

Vitamin ZZZ the most powerful weapon to encounter cold virus

Vitamin Z or a sound sleep is the most powerful remedy to fight cold and flu. Scientific studies show that poor sleep habit is the root cause behind the development of many chronic diseases. Researchers point out that insufficient and poor quality sleep increase the risk for overweight, obesity, cancer, cognitive decline, etc.

How does sleep fight against cold and flu?

1) Ayurveda, which insists the balancing of body humors for maintaining good health, says that work during day and sleep during night are very essential to balance the body humors. It is the natural balancing for health. Mother Nature maintains our body homeostasis through these two components of sleep and work.

2) Modern studies reveal that good sleep is one of the most important factors in getting cure from cold and flu. Taking rest in a warm environment frees the body from the virus attack.

3) A good night’s sleep boosts the immune system of the body. A good sleep promotes production of prolactin and white cells known as macrophages and leukocytes. These two substances are promoted by melatonin and prolactin, the two hormones which help eradication of virus and bacteria from the body. Thus a good sleep helps boosting uo immunization.

4) During a good sleep the immune system of the body repairs damages inflicted on it throughout the waking hours. The important neurotransmitters in the brain refuel the body with fresh energy.

5) A team under Michael Irwin of the University of California studied the sleeping habits of thousands of patients and found out that disturbed sleep could not increase the immunization power. They also found that those who had good sleep had the power to resist cold or flu.

Vitamin ZZZ(sleep) is freely available. What you need for a sleep is to provide a conducive environment that assures good sleep. Encounter cold and fly easily with vitamin ZZZ.


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