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Slow and Steady Wins The Race

November 17, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.80   Views: 824

Regular work is definitely needed so also quality work to get better earnings ..


Talking about earning onlne many people ask how much can they hope to earn from a site in a month’s time ? I find that amusing because in my opinion even if you manage to earn some money in a month’s time, unless you remain steady and have loads of patience , it is not possible to earn much. You reap the full benefits only after you have become comfortable using any site that you are working on, be it article writing or discussion sites and also have been putting in your best.

Quality as anywhere in life is important here too.The most important thing one should realise is that to earn steadily online, one must have loads of patience and be consistent in their work and constantly improvise!

Discussions and forums are the easiest to manage since you don't need to make any preparation nor do you need to do any research like you do for writing articles. But when you want to become an established writer , it is not easy to become one overnight . Most people tend to think that one can quickly earn money on the net and because of this notion get cheated easily , falling for many scam sites that demand money and promise quick results - we should realise that we can earn only through honest means and hard work and most of the sites that ask you to pay before you start any work are often bogus sites.

Some important facts to bear in mind

1, One must remember that it is never easy to be definite about anything online. You may earn a couple of hundred dollars one month when the going is good and for some reason if you are not able to post, the your earnings come down drastically ...we have to be at it, posting and getting new ideas to write articles .it is a continuous process

2, One thing one comes to realise is that one can never depend on referrals, it is work for yourself ! I had 12 referrals on a site at one time and none today, since they have left for various reasons .In fact even the person who had referred me to that site has left, so never depend on anyone, be independent.

3, If you are steady and consistent you are able to establish yourself in either article writing sites or anywhere else on the net - practice makes perfect and your earning too increases with experience. One has to be patient and get to know the site and the different opportunities that it offers us and make use of them .

4, One should look around for various options that are available and then decide on what is best suited for us and concentrate on them. Once we are comfortable doing what we are doing, we should concentrate on bettering ourselves, which is the only way you get to earn more.

5, Regular work is definitely needed so also quality work to get better earnings ! What we need to do is to put in a few hours each day and also learn everything there is about the sites we are working on. When you are pressed for time, plan a schedule so that you put the available time into possible use. Time is no doubt very important, also how best you are able to use it to your advantage s another very important matter. Once we are comfortable working in a site we are normally able to give out our best , because there will be no stress.

6, When we write articles we have to constantly learn through our experiences and also through our daily interactions with others in real life or on discussion sites and forums , which prove very helpful to us. We get to learn a lot through discussions if only we take the time to analyse and make use of certain information and points being discussed instead of treating it as just a means to earn.

7, Don’t give up easily because most writers become better with effort ,time and experience. However, it is also true that more than 50% give up even before they have started to make an impact which only comes with practice . And to me this defeats the whole purpose of trying o make an earning.

8, Make sure that you don’t cheat when you post. Copying other articles from any source of the net is illegal and if you do that, no matter how clever you are the chances are that you will eventually get caught and banned from the site. So be honest and write your own articles even if they are simple and shorter to begin with. Better articles are bound to come later with experience.

9, Following the rules of any site whether a discussion site or an article writing site is very important. So, one has to make sure that rules are followed and adhered to. When all the members follow rules, the site gains a good reputation and in the long run it helps all concerned especially members who are contributing and earning through the site.

10, Last but not least, try to gain as much knowledge as possible through the net,books , magazines and newspapers so that you can utilise it for your writing.Make notes whenever you come across anything that is interesting has the potential of being the subject of an article, so you don't need to keep worrying about what subject to write on.

To conclude, I personally feel that it is entirely left to the individual as to how much he or she wants to earn depending on the effort put in. Once you know the payment structure and what is the maximum that you can hope to earn from a certain site , make sure that you focus on your work accordingly and you will see that you are earning much better and also get motivated to work further since you have already seen positive results that you got for your hard work and efforts.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/14/2013    Points:8    

I have practiced how be slow and steady and the patience has paid off for me as well. I nurtured my Bollywood blog for more than two years. In these two years, it was only during the last 3-4 months that I was a bit serious about my online earning. For months together, I did not have even a single ad at the top of the page. However, that helped me build a readership. It was only when a knowledgeable person in the field of blogging advised me to have ads up on the page that I changed the format and layout a bit. That indeed helped me earn some more bucks and that too faster. I later experimented with some more layouts and the revenue kept increasing.
However, after the Google updates in Panda and Penguin, my blog took a beating like many other blogs and web sites. That made me less interested in posting to my own blogs. But then it gave me a lot of practical knowledge that books and courses might not have taught me. I am now able to use the same knowledge elsewhere and I am really happy that the efforts paid off in some way or the other.

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