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Make Diabetes Sweeter with Gratitude Therapy

November 17, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 480

Gratitude therapy to lower diabetes and cholesterol! Is it surprising? But it is a fact proved by studies. Consumer oriented lifestyle of modern days has made life more mechanic, deprived of an attitude for gratitude. Read on and reduce your diabetes to make your life sweeter.


Thanksgiving day is around the corner. November is the month of gratitude. It is a month of festivals. All Saints Day, Harvest Day, Diwali and Thanksgiving Day remind us to be more thankful for everything that we have in our life. They are the breaks to apply to stop our fast lifestyle and think for a moment about being healthier through this gratitude therapy!

Say thanks and be healthier!

Stress and anxiety increase your diabetes and cholesterol levels. It is a scientifically proven fact. An attitude of gratefulness is a powerful technique to lower your blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. It is also another fact proved by scientific studies.

When you say “thank you” to someone for something or God for His love, it may be a small moment with big ripples. It is an affirmation of joy and a confirmation of a deep and wonderful truth, that we all depend on God and one another.

Your biography is your biology

What you do in your life affect your life and determine your health-- health of your body, mind and spirit. Your thoughts and other activities have great impact on your health-- your biology. If you run around after so many things aiming at grabbing more money and pleasure, it may affect your biochemistry. Thanking is a therapy to slow down this greedy race and think of others and the environment around.

How can an attitude of gratitude make a person healthier and happier?

Thanking reduces your stress. Stress affects your blood sugar levels. As the blood sugar level raises, your diabetes and cholesterol levels also increase.

Start the gratitude therapy from yourself. Start by expressing gratitude for everything about yourself: for all you have in your body, may be even painful sickness. Thank for that. Thank your body, mind and spirit that have made you to be thankful and happy. Thank your folks at home, friends, coworkers, etc. Look at the positive side of things. Your stress will go down.

Ten minutes “Thanking Walk” can refresh your energies

Thanking is a life long therapy. Practice it and you will realize how powerful it is! Go for a walk of just ten minutes. Look around the beautiful nature in the environment. Look at the people you come across. Smile at them, nod your head and say a “thank you”. Practice it regularly. It does wonders.

Thanksgiving Day to make you healthier

Free yourself and relax on the Thanksgiving Day. Let it be a pause in the fast track of your busy schedule. Relax and be free from all your anxieties, tensions and stress. Do not be anxious or worried about what will happen in future. Enjoy the day with your relatives and friends. Thank all of them for their intimacy with you. Fill the world around you with positive energy.

Gratitude is reciprocal. It is repaid in abundance.

Before you sit around the dinner table, just think about the myriad benefits to saying thanks, and how all around you provided you opportunities to thank. Thank God and others with a smile on your face. Open your mouth and thank aloud for all the benefits. Look at the blossoming smile of rose gratitude on all the faces around you.

Just say thanks with a smile. Feel it in your heart. This Thanksgiving Day will definitely lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and show you an assured way to be free from diabetes and blood pressure.


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