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When Does God Stop Loving You?

November 18, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 515

God is love. He loves all His creatures. He does not like going against Him by committing sins. Do sins stop His loving us?


We have seen people breaking their relationship with someone who of a mistake committed against them. Doing something wrong turns things against. It not only causes a break in relationship but also ends the love between the two: the one who committed the mistake and the one against whom it was committed. When we lose someone’s love it is a great shock for us. Do we lose God’s love when we go against Him?

God is love. His love is eternal. He loves everyone without any limit. As Jeremiah says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” (Jeremiah 31:3) His words cannot be cheating. if they are the definition about God’s love is fake. God loves us always since His love is eternal. Then how can we lose God’s love when we go against Him?

What happens when we commit sin against God?

A sin is going against the commandment of God with full knowledge and consent. When someone commits a crime or a mistake he is punished. That is the immediate effect of judgement. But when we commit sin nothing happens. We feel we are safe since we are not punished immediately after committing a sin. Does it mean that God does not care about it?

God sent fire on the king’s army during the days of prophet Elijah when they went against God. “Then the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed him and his fifty.”(II Kings 1:10-12) A fatal heart attack came upon the husband and wife at the very moment when they told a lie against the Holy Spirit.( Acts 5:3-11) Punishments do come. We punish ourselves through our mistakes. That is what we see today in the world. This can be seen in the world through corruptions and results of terrible deaths, terrorism, violence, diseases and natural calamities.

God never stops His love--it is we who stop loving Him

God’s love is unchanging. It does not depend on how good we are. But sometimes we are unable to realize the love of God. It is a fault on our side. The sunlight is always there. If we close our eyes tightly or darken the place where we are, how can we see the light? Pull the curtains or open your eyes to see the light. Sins shut our inner vision of experiencing God’s love.

Just think of the parable of the Prodigal son

The prodigal son abandoned his father and went astray. He did everything his father would not like. He thought for a moment about the good nature of his father. He decided to come back to his father. The father was waiting for him. He received him with complete love, no matter what the son’s transgressions were! This is the unchanging love of God.

Open hearts to the love of God

The Eternal father is ever ready to embrace us. Let us be assured of His forgiveness and open our shuttered hearts. He never stops His love. We shall enjoy His warmth of love.


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