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Happy Wife Happier Life Message For Mens day

November 20, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 486

Today 19 November, is observed as the International Mens day. It is an occasion to think of men who are running around to make their dependendents live happily. Men care for their wives and children. They should be honored in family and society. A happy wife or mom at home can make a man''s life happier.


It is International Men's Day. November is the month for so many International observances. It is the month of All Saints day. It honors the veterans on Remembrance Day. Universal Children’s day is remembered on 20 November. It is followed by the Thanksgiving Day. It is quite fitting that International Men's Day is observed on 19 November to honor the important role played by men (including growing males). This year, the international organization for this observance has come forward with a vital theme "Positive Male Role Models". In the fast moving modern world the importance of positive male role models is felt more than any time in the past.

Why International Men's Day?

Modern lifestyle has changed the traditional role values of both men and women. Patriarchal roles of men have undergone many changes. Liberal thoughts and struggles for equal rights have caused many problems in gender equality. The International Men's Day aims at focusing on physical, psychological and spiritual health of modern men. Men and the growing male generations are expected to be positive male role models to form a peaceful and healthy society.

Why Positive Male Role Models?

Men in the society are generally thought to have greater responsibilities in family and community life. Men are expected to be role models in a successful marital life and child caring. Discriminations against male gender affect family and society.

Role of men

Man has greater roles in family and society as husband, father and head of the society. He has to toil for feeding and caring others with him. “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it”.(Genesis 3:19) Sacrifice on behalf of others is expected to be one of the chief attributes of manhood.

Commercial lifestyle has degraded the role of man in modern family and society. He is underrated or misunderstood on the scale of money he earns.

Happy wife, happier life

International Women’s day is observed on 8 March. It hails the role of women in family and society. Gender equality is an obligation in the modern society. Both man and woman should be happy in society to make it happy. Modern family life is at cross roads because of frictions and misunderstandings between the husband and wife, based on gender rights. Family life in the advanced world is shattered completely. Family, the life nucleus of the society is in a suicidal stage today. Modern human life is heading towards failure and destruction. Hence, it is very important to think of gender equality on this great day. Man works hard to make his wife and family happy. They, in turn, make him happier.


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