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Lohri-Makar Sankranti, Festival of new crops

November 21, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 872

India is a color full country. Peoples of different religions are living here. Every religion has their customs and traditions. Every religion has their festivals. India is country of festivals.


Lohri-Makar Sankranti, Festival of new crops
India is a color full country. Peoples of different religions are living here. Every religion has their customs and traditions. Every religion has their festivals. India is country of festivals. In all 12 months we celebrate festival here. Some festivals are celebration at national level and some are celebrating in one or more states. Many languages are spoken in India.
In India different communities belonging to different religions celebrate fairs and festivals regularly every year. Some have seasonal while some have national origin and significance. All these are celebrated with great zeal and excitement. The January is known for clod and dense of fog in northern India. In this month peoples of the northern India celebrates Lohri festival- the harvest festivals.
Wheat and mustered is the main winter crops of northern India. These are shown in October and harvested in March/ April. By this time the fields covered up with the golden harvest. Lohri is enjoyed between the harvesting and showing of this winter crops. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls a day before Maker Sankranti, generally 14 January. This day Sun enters the Maker Rashi. (Northern hemisphere)
Lohri is celebrated to honors the sun and god of fire. Peoples pray for prosperity and happiness of the society and country. This festival in considered an important occasion for celebrating the birth of babies and the arrival of newly wed bride to the family. When new members join in the family, Lohri is celebrated in their name with special and different flavor and arrangements.
Some folk songs are associated with lohari festival. In the morning children go from door to door singing and demanding the lohri loot. It is in form of fire wood money or eatables like til, peanuts jiggery or sweet like gajak rewari etc. The song of Sundri Mundri is popular one. In this song children praise of Dulha Bhatti. Dulha Bhatti was Punjabi embodiment of Robin Hood. Who robbed the riches and help the poor.
Its main attraction is conventional bonfire festivities. In the evening with the setting of Sun, a huge bonfire is lit in the front yards of houses. People dizzily this bonfire and through puffed rice popcorn, til peanuts jaggary Peoples also speak this words “Aadat aye dilather Jaye” and sing folk songs. Peoples prayed to god of fire to bless the land with copiousness and prosperity. Men performed Bhangra dance which continues till late night. Ladies separately perform graceful giddha in their court yard.
The day following lohri called Maghi. It is signifying the beginning of the month of Magh. According to Hindu beliefs this is an auspicious day to take a holey dip in the river Ganga and kheer is prepared with sugar cane juice. Lohri is more than just a festival. It opportunity to brings people of the communities close to one another with a break in their hustle and bustle of routine life.
In other parts of India lohri almost coincides with the same festivals of Pongal, Makar Sankranti and Uaruan. Name of festivals are different but all which communicate the same message of oneness and celebrates the spirit of brotherhood. It is thanking the almighty for a beautiful life on earth.


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