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Turkey Will Not thank On Thanksgiving Day

November 22, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 538

Turkey will not and cannot thank anyone on the Thanksgiving Day! How can the “Korban” animal or bird thank the one who offers? The turkey is the main victim cut and eaten on the Thanksgiving Day. Why it happened that turkey became the victim of the Day?


Turkey and Thanksgiving Day have become inseparable. It is good that we have a special day observed to thank God and others for everything that we got and are getting. But how come the poor turkey is slaughtered on that day and became the victim of the day?

Thanksgiving Day is also called as “Turkey day”. Is it because the Pilgrim Fathers of America had a great store of turkey for their First Thanksgiving Day dinner? Or is it because it was a bird popularized by the Spaniards who had been against the British and the early people who settled in America from England? It is the Spaniards who had actually brought domesticated turkeys back from Central America to Spain and other European countries, including England.

Turkey has an important role in Thanksgiving Day dinner

There is no Thanksgiving Day dinner in America without turkey. In fact, thanksgiving day has another name as Turkey day. Baked and roasted turkey features the dinner table on this auspicious day. Turkey decorates dinner table along with mashed potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cranberry, sweet corn, and other Fall vegetables.

Why turkey?

According to earlier traditions, turkey did not have any place in the traditional Thanksgiving day dinner of the Europeans. Then why was it included in the American Thanksgiving day dinner?

1) Although turkey was not a special item of Thanksgiving day dinner in Europe, it occupied the most important in American Thanksgiving mainly because of its availability.

2) Turkey has been traditional in America from the beginning of this day as it was in abundance among the native Americans and it had already been a delicious festival food among the Europeans. It is quite natural that the early settlers included turkey as an integral part of their Thanksgiving dinner.

3) Turkeys, born in the Spring season, grow up well in Spring and Summer, and get matured in Fall, are ready in November for the festival dinner. They also are used in American homes as staple winter food and turkey pies.

4) There is also another interesting story behind the use of turkey on this day. It seems that Queen Elizabeth of England was feasting a roasted goose during a harvest festival when she was informed that the Spanish Armada had sunk on its way to attack England. It was such an exciting news for her that she immediately ordered for a second goose to celebrate the pleasing news. Goose were the migrating birds which used to be in abundance during the harvest time. In America geese were replaced by the abundant turkeys.

5) Above all, marketing decides everything today. Globalized commercialism has made traditions to promote marketing. Turkeys are available in abundance in Fall when Thanksgiving Day is celebrated. No wonder that turkey gets an important place on the dinner table of this day.

Turkey is the symbol of American Thanksgiving day. Sitting around the table with the family members, saying grace before carving turkey and enjoying a delicious dinner makes the feasting more pleasant and enjoyable. All will thank on this day, except the turkeys!


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