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Tackling the Important and Difficult jobs

November 24, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 852

It is important to prioritise our jobs and take up those jobs that needs to be done first...


It is important to Prioritise our jobs..

Most of us have this tendency to tackle easier jobs first and tackle the more difficult ones later, sometimes even putting it off indefinitely ! Unless I make a conscious effort I too do the same, tackle the easier ,less time consuming jobs first and then go on to the more difficult and time consuming jobs. Probably the fact that one can finish more number of smaller jobs instead of getting stuck on one is a reason for doing this.

According to most behavioral experts putting off hard jobs for a later date is poor time management. They are of the opinion that it is always better to take up the hard and more difficult jobs first,since once you are done with it, the easy tasks take no time at all ! We tend to take up the jobs that we like or have a affinity to because we don’t feel they are difficult.

I am reminded of an advertisement I saw long back on the TV. It showed a woman sitting in her kitchen with unwashed utensils, clothes and other jobs all begging for her attention. Later she has the drink that the ad agency promoted and she is like a lightning finishing one job after the other and all the work is done in a jiffy ! Once you start you are bound to tackle everything and it is that little push that is needed.

Some people are of the opinion that we should do the easy jobs first even if the hard tasks are more important and need to be attended to because the smaller jobs build our confidence, and this makes the hard jobs become easier. I am not sure if that is the right way of tackling our jobs especially the ones that need priority.

It would be wiser to do those jobs that need to be done and has a deadline. As for other jobs one can take it easy and if one wishes , one can take up the easier ones first and then take up the difficult ones as long as there is no pressure or hurry.

Some points to remember

1, Many educationists and thinkers believe that tackling the difficult tasks first would be less stressful later on when you start to tackle the easier tasks. When you start with the difficult tasks first while the energy level is still up, you wouldn't be stressed out later on when the energy level goes down, so easier tasks too can be easily tackled.

2, Easy or difficult , what is far more important is how important is the job and depending on that you have to take it up first.For example, if you have to visit a doctor even if the hospital is 30 miles away and you also have to take care of the housework, you need to choose the former since that is priority.One cannot take health for granted.

3, We see that most people tackle the easier jobs first and do the more difficult jobs later or keep putting off until it becomes a priority and has to be done which is not the right way of doing it.

4, When you finish the more difficult jobs first you have mental satisfaction and you are finished with the job and done your duty and this in itself is a great feeling that spurs you on further.

5,At work place, if you have been given three assignments and two are easier, ideally you should go for the tough one because once you have done with the difficult one, you can quickly finish off the easier one. Whereas if you keep the difficult job pending, it causes tension and affects your performance regarding the easier jobs too.

6, When you have a time limit . It is always better to take up the more difficult task first and finish it.

7, More time and effort is required to finish the more difficult jobs and we tend to put it forward unless it is a priority and needs to be completed first which most of the time may cause delays because of the lax attitude since the job may get postponed indefinitely unless there is pressure.

Finally, it is always good to be organized in life !It is also helpful to achieve your target if you set goals and work towards it, when that happens one wouldn't bother whether the job is difficult or easy . All that you want to do is achieve your target and stay focused in doing so. It is also a good idea to do the more important jobs whether they are difficult or easy, since it has to be done. We have to tackle tasks depending on the circumstances and the need of the hour.


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