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Moving from USA to India

November 27, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.40   Views: 805

Moving back to India from US may seem to be a big decision. Is it such life-changing issue? After all, for most people, it is a homecoming.


Is it tough to adjust in India if you plan to move back from the US? Well, it all depends on one’s mindset and attitude. If you are flexible, adapt easily to changes and have a positive opinion about people or things, it is more than easy to move back. All you need is some support from your family and a job or good job prospects.

Spend time with Family

Soon as you shift your base totally, ensure that you take a short break or a vacation before you begin to work in a new place. There can be a lot of difference in terms of weather and other conditions, when you move from US to India. You will feel good when you pay a visit to your family and friends after a long time. They do shower you with love and blessings. It certainly leverages your self-confidence and motivates you to feel good about your decision.

Adjusting with the Environment

It will take some time to adjust with the traffic and environment in India. The pollution, heat and smoke can take a toll on your health. Dehydration is a common problem most people face when they shift from US to India. Hence, drink plenty of water and avoid going out during noon and afternoons soon after you come to India. Gradually adapt to the environment. Workout and exercise is important and helps you to adjust in a new environment better. Your immunity levels increase and you do not fall sick much often.

Food in India and US

You tend to become calorie conscious and eat more healthy meals when in US. There are several options in high protein foods for vegetarians. However, now in India too, you can eat healthy. Moreover, there is always the option for home food. You have elders to take care and it is a lot easier and cheaper to hire domestic help. There is enough diversity of food in US but you get almost same varieties in India too. Different continental and various cuisines are now available in India.

Gadget Mania in US and India

Of course, all latest gadgets are easily available and launched in US first. You get the previous versions in India. The prices are quite high in India compared to that in the US. Yet, you still have plenty of stores and duty free shops in India. You can bargain and get good quality gadgets, HDMI cables and other cords in India too.

Online and Web Connectivity

There are more Wi-Fi options in US. Most of the cities have a free wireless network available. Hence, you can use your mobile devices and laptops to connect to the internet free. Most coffee shops and malls, even hospitals and apartments have free internet facility. Things are changing in India too. You can get a 3G data plan for your mobile devices and smart-phones here. Some restaurants and coffee shops also offer free Wi-Fi. The 3G data plans are also cheap and you can easily afford it for your laptops and phones. There are no annual contracts for phones and sim cards in India. This is a huge relief for those who come from the US.

Thus, you may miss the hikes, parks and cleanliness in US. However, you can soon adapt to the environment in India. It is just a matter of your mindset and opinions. If you are easy going and flexible, you will have no difficulty in making this decision of coming back to your homeland.

Author: hr123        
Posted Date: 11/29/2012    Points:2    

India is India

There can be a lot of difference in terms of weather and other conditions,
Things are changing in India too.
you may miss the hikes, parks and cleanliness in india,
However, now in India too, you can eat healthy. Moreover, there is always the option for home

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