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Beware of Toxic People Hunting You with Verbal Garbage

November 27, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 768

Toxic people are always around us. They look normal and may be so friendly that you may not be able to recognize them easily. But you can know them by their looks and words. Learn how to deal with these toxic people.


Man is a social animal. He has to live in a society. He has to move with others with his own feelings and emotions. Words and behaviors of others affect him in many ways. One may be positive in his/her outlook and may not recognize the negative people around. They approach you as good people. But inside they may be toxic.

Who are the toxic people?

Toxic people drain you of your energy directly or indirectly. They may talk sweet words to you but speak ill of you with others. They may seem to do good for you, but in reality, they wish the otherwise. Toxic people wish and act directly and indirectly against you, instead of enriching you. They pull you down instead of pushing you up. Toxic people can turn your happy day into a day of tension, worries and depression. If you watch them carefully you can understand their evil intentions.

How to recognize the toxic people?

1) Toxic people come smiling, but they hide the other side of their sneaky back stabbing face. They try to transform your life into a nightmare.

2) Toxic people come around you most of the time complaining about others, telling stories of lies, abusing, slandering, backbiting, and gossiping. They may be victims wallowing in self pity. It is easy for you to recognize them from their negative attitude.

3) Toxic people are often backbiters. Experiences of behavior say that backbiting is a destructive element that devastates the social structure and can spoil any close relationship. Those people never realize that their ill speech hurts or harms some relationship.

4) They never take responsibility for adverse consequences. They always try to blame on someone or something else.

5) Toxic people approach you to vent and unload their own frustration and bitterness on your shoulders, even without your knowledge. They may get off their burden and continue on with their way without realizing the burden loaded on you.

How to deal with toxic people?

1) However good or skilled you may be, you will find it difficult to deal with toxic people. Experience says that even people with sharp skills are often get caught up in the polluting relationships which the toxic people create, either personally or professionally. You have to keep them away by tackling them carefully.

2) You need not hate or chase them away in emotion. Just manage to send them or turn down with some excuse.

3) You have to learn the techniques of managing the toxic people. The first lesson is keeping yourself non-toxic. Be positive and gentle in your behavior. Equip yourself by controlled communication, meditation and prayer to handle the pressures of toxic people.



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