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Present day Kids and Fitness

November 29, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1018

Obesity is one of the most serious health problems facing youth today because it is accompanied by skyrocketing levels of life threatening heart disease, cancer and diabetes which can strike at any stage of life unlike before when all these ailments were supposed to strike only those who were either middle aged or old.


Turning Your Kids on to Fitness

When we look around we see most children and teenagers these days are living perpetually on junk food ,aerated drinks , sitting in front of the TV or the computer, depending on the age group , playing video games - in general being couch potatoes! In fact today’s children are plugging into TV, the internet, CD players, Video games – everything but working out and doing the most essential of all exercise! Obesity in children can no longer be considered just baby fat like it was in the olden times. But they were able to ward it off before they became adults, not so anymore, the state continues into adulthood mainly because there is no change in the life style.

According to a 1998 article in a medical journal , Obesity is one of the most serious health problems facing youth today because it is accompanied by skyrocketing levels of life threatening heart disease, cancer and diabetes which can strike at any stage of life unlike before when all these ailments were supposed to strike only those who were either middle aged or old.

Studies have found plaque-clogged arteries in kids as young as six. And the principal culprits behind the childhood obesity will come as no surprise - Television and Computer use. A survey of more than 4,000 children aged between eight and sixteen, found that those who watched four or more hours of TV daily and used the Computer for as many number of hours were fatter than those who watched two hours less. This compounded with continuous munching of junk food makes the problem even more serious.

However, pulling the plug on the TV or computer will not remove all the obstacles to fitness and health. To a great extent parents are to blame for their children’s poor state of health and fitness. The home atmosphere has a lot to do with one’s life style since it is cultivated during growing years.

Life style plays a major role

Statistics prove that in almost all cases it is the parents who are the root cause of obesity in children. They want to give comfort to their kids – feed them with rich food that has no balance nor enough nutrients and fearing that they would lag behind in studies, are loathe to allow children to go out and play even though they are aware of the importance of physical exercise. Our reliance on gadgets such as home appliances and using car as the mode of transportation and using an elevator to climb up the stairs are all adding on to this very unhealthy tendency.

One can see that the current generation of kids are probably the most unfit and sedentary ever in history. And it is no use telling teenagers that they need to do exercise today to keep heart disease at bay tomorrow. At that stage of life they are simply not impressed by any dire warnings of a doomsday in the distant future. Ideally t is better to have a talk with them and make them understand the importance of workouts in their own language by making them consider the benefits and rewards that would be theirs at least with the hope of emulating their matinee or sports idols.

Some points to consider

1, Appearance payoffs - Most teenagers are very particular about the way they look and are perceived by their friends and class mates especially the members of the other gender. So, when they realise that they could have firm and toned muscles , also a healthy and more attractive appearance , probably this would make them take an interest in workouts and exercise routines.

2,Increased energy levels – Increased stamina and vitality in all their daily activities including sports, also improved coordination and reflexes which are all within reach when a person is active.

3, Fat reduction – Body fat gets reduced and this in turn stimulates circulation and heart gets strengthened as well.

4, Sleep well – when they work out and feel tired after an activity filled day, they sleep much better at night which further increases their resistance to illness and disease.

5, Stress free- When you are actively engaged in physical activity you know that you are doing the right things for yourself and this itself relieves your stress levels and spurs you on to even better performance.

6, Psychological performance- With activity one gets the ability to work harder without feeling fatigued. Skills are sharpened for sports and recreation.

7, Self discipline – This is an important factor in life. Activity and increased fitness also makes them mentally alert. This in itself increases self esteem and pride, a sense of pride about being physically fit makes them very confident of themselves.

8, Relaxed approach – They will have better control over their lifestyle and this will make them have a more relaxed approach towards life.

9, Healthy food habits – Healthy food habits come with a healthy body and once a youngster realises the importance and the relationship between the two, he or she would automatically switch over to healthy and nutritious food.

10, As they develop an interest in fitness and healthy lifestyle they also become aware of nature and the benefits of outdoor life. Most people who love nature are better balanced as individuals and are sensitive to the needs of other people as well. This is probably the best benefit of all.

So, once a youngster realises these benefits, if he or she is still unwilling to take any positive steps in improving his or her life style , then nothing much can be done.

Finally, fitness is more than just muscles. Granted that muscles are a big part of fitness and without them you would not be able to lift a finger, let alone do any strenuous jobs like go for mountain climbing with their friends or run between wickets to get a run. So it makes sense to make the most of their growing years to develop a healthy body and a healthy attitude towards life which is bound to pay them rich dividends.


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