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Household and Beauty Tips for you and your family

December 03, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 1206

A few household and beauty tips that are helpful in day today living..


Beauty and Nutrition

1,Sun burn or dark patches on the skin can be treated at home without spending a lot of money . All that you need to do is slice some tomatoes and sprinkle some salt on it and rub it on the patches .However, make sure that there are no bruises or cuts on your skin, which may burn . Doing this everyday can help you lighten the skin color within a matter of days.

2, Eating a few almonds or walnuts everyday has immense health benefits since they are rich in anti oxidants and the cell building enzyme CoQ10. Most people feel that nuts are expensive and therefore unaffordable. But when you cut down on buying stuff like ghee and butter which are both very damaging to our health and instead buy nuts you can easily balance your budget.

3, If you use antiperspirant on a daily basis make sure that you wash them off thoroughly when you get home so that your skin has the chance to breathe. Most antiperspirants block the sweat and skin pores , so they should be cleared away as soon as possible
4, Make sure that your hands are clean each time you touch your face, eyes or other sensitive parts which can easily get infected that may lead to discoloration and skin patches.

5, Where make up is concerned less is more , so make sure that you go for the minimalistic look which looks the best on any woman. What you need to do is enhance your good points and not conceal the bad points.

6, Instead of going on fad diets and gyms , make it a point to plan menus for the entire week that are wholesome and nutritious and shop accordingly, this combined with a regular exercise routine normally takes care of your well being , keeping you fit and trim and looking good.

7, Use perfume sparingly , after making sure that it does not cause any skin rashes. Normally it takes few hours after you spray on your body to know whether it suits your skin type or not.

Household Tips


1, When your housecoat , or any other cotton dress becomes old , don’t make it into a rag, try to cut out parts which are still neat and collect them together. You can make a patch work quilt when you have collected enough material by joining the different pieces together in any way you want as long as the pieces are of similar size. Give it a backing with an old cotton saree that is still neat but one you don’t mind giving up ,and you have a cosy rug for the winter or take it along when you go for picnics to spread on the ground.

2, Place all the most used items in spots where they are easiest to access. The masalas and stuff like tea, coffee, sugar which are used every day, probably more than once should be kept on shelves that are on eye level pantry shelves so that it is both convenient and saves time.

3, Order and method always helps, whether it is in organising your DVDs or tax returns or other bills. Organise the DVDs alphabetically to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for instantly. The same with bills, neatly label the files and store them on shelves and make sure that your entire family puts back things where they are meant to be.
4, Collect small or different sized glass bottles that you get when sauces, jams and honey get over. Clean them , remove the labels and dry them in the sun. These can be used for storing screws, bolts and nuts and other knick knacks and since they are transparent they are very easy to identify.

5, Add tomatoes and finely chopped spinach to dhal to make it more nutritious .Most children hate the taste of spinach but adding it to other food and also combining it with mashed potatoes and spices of your choice one can make tasty cutlets which is generally loved by children and for that matter by every body.

6, It is good to detox your body and digestive system once in while , just to keep it running in tip top condition. Go on a liquid diet at least once a fortnight so that your system gets a rest and toxins get flushed out.

7,Help your children respect each other’s perspective. This is a good lesson to pick up as they will also learn to see other people’s point of view when they deal with their own cousins and friends and this becomes a habit when they grow up , when they become more sensitive to other people’s needs.

8, You can use almost all leftovers and with a little bit of imagination rustle up a new tasty dish within minutes. Never thrown away leftovers ,instead think ways of turning them into new dishes that the entire family can enjoy.

9, A few must have items when you go on vacation – A good high zoom lens camera, Binoculars or any looking glasses, Hat and sun protection lotions, Sensible footwear and clothes, Plenty of water and refreshments, a few books to keep you engaged when the weather turns unfavorable and last but not least loads of patience ! Now you are all set to go and enjoy your holiday in peace...


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