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Injuries and Burns Can Be Treated with Homeopathy

December 03, 2012  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 687

In every family with children cases of bruises, injuries, burns, scalds, sprains and stings are often seen. Homeopathic remedies can easily be used to cure many of such cases.


Children by nature like to run, jump, climb and play. Growing boys play games like football, rugby, cricket and hockey which need more stamina, strength and rougher physical movement. Girls too are taking to some of these games. Sports and games are an essential part of school curriculum. As a foster parent in a children’s home, I find that in spite of all care, children come home with bruised knees, black eyes, crushed fingers, swollen face, burnt skin sprained ankles and wrists, so on and so forth. I suggest below a few remedies which may prove useful in times of need and emergencies.
1.Arnica Montana-30: When a muscular part of the body suffers an impact or a sprain, this medicine lessens the pain and speeds up healing.
2.Bellis Perennis-30: If the injury is on fleshy parts of body this medicine works better than Arnica.
3.Ruta Graveolens-30: If there has an impact or injury on the bony parts of the body this is the remedy.
4.Calendula Officinalis-30: In the bruises of any part of the skin, even when blood is oozing, take this medicine. Apply on the wound a lotion of Calendula Q or mother tincture. This works like magic. The lotion can be prepared by mixing clean water with Calendula Q at the ratio of 5:1.
5.Hypericum-30: When the injury is on the nerve ends as fingertips and toes, this remedy is very effective. Usually, men hit their fingers with a hammer while driving nails and something heavy falls on the toes of children. Think of Hypericum in such accidents. Apply a lotion of Hypericum Q on the affected part and give2 to 3 drops of Hypericum-30 on the tongue of the injured.
6.Symphytum-30: If the impact is on the eyes and the eyeballs have turned red or the person has developed black eyes, a few doses of Symphytum cure the injury.
7.Ledum Palustre-30: If somebody steps on a nail or a thorn and it pierces the sole of the feet, even when there is a fear of tetanus infection, Ledum Palustre is the guard to protect the body. It can even extricate a hidden piece of thorn from the body.
8.Hamamelis-30: When there is bleeding from any wound on the body and it is refusing to stop, take this remedy. Apply Hamamelis Q or mother tincture on the bleeding wound with a piece of gauze or cotton and tie it tightly.
9.Bryonia-200: If the person has suffered an impact on the chest and breathing has become difficult Bryonia is the friend, who will soothe the pain and make breathing easy. Give two drops of the medicine mixed in a teaspoonful of water at an hour intervals. Stop as soon as improvement is felt.
10.Acidum Sulphuricum-30: If the injury is old and is refusing to get healed, Acid Sulph will cure the wound.
11.Cantharis-30: When a person gets burns or scalds on his outer skin, this remedy should be taken as long as the healing does not begin. A lotion of the Cantharis Q should be prepared and dabbed on the burnt part with a piece of cotton. A girl of twelve, who had stepped in hot ash, was cured in my clinic with this combination.
12.Apis Mellifica-30: If your child is stung by a bee or a wasp, remove the stings as quickly as possible and dab the affected part with a piece of cotton soaked in the lotion of Cantharis Q . I have cured many cases of wasp stings even when the face and the lips had swollen out of shape and the eyes had almost closed.
It is advisable for a family to keep a chest of these medicines in 5 ml glass phials. They can be had from any Homoeopathic Pharmacy. Two drops of the medicines in a teaspoonful of water makes one dose. Generally, four doses a day are given. In special cases they can be repeated more often but they should not be given endlessly.
I have suggested remedies for simple cuts and outer burns. In deeper cuts, where tissues and nerves have been damaged, stitches may be needed. In such cases, take the help of a surgeon. In more serious and wider burns take the victim to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.


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