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Movies based on Holocaust

December 06, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Movies  Earning $0.40   Views: 944

There have been many films made based on Holocaust and they have all been very realistic...


Apparently there have been no less than 200 odd films made on this subject so far in various languages of the wor ld.

The Second World War and the period leading to it is one of the most harrowing period in the history of world. It makes everyone shocked and the images of concentration camps and the kind of atrocities and human degradations that went on in those camps makes our blood boil with anger at those who were behind it. There are many written records of these incidents and many film makers have taken a lot of interest about the subject. Holocaust is a part of world history which makes all human beings sad. Most films made on that subject are all extremely sad and makes us realise how much people suffered during that time and for no fault of theirs.

Most of the films made on Holocaust have been extremely touching and I have watched many of them - Sophies Choice, Escape from Sobibore, Schindler’s list and the latest one 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and A beautiful life!

The Boy in the striped Pajamas - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas in an excellent movie, indeed! It is also an excellent book. I read the book a couple of years ago and saw the movie just a few months ago. This a relatively new film that I watched recently on the TV, and am watching it again now .It is a very touching story of the friendship between a German boy whose father is a Nazi official at a concentration camp and a little jewish boy who is a prisoner within the camp not knowing what the future hold for him. Their innocent friendship which is based on friendship and kinship reaches a level when it threatens the entire household of the Nazi Officer.

The Pianist - This is another Beautiful film based on the concentration camps and depicts a true picture of how life used to be there and how the inmates suffered the every day degradations that they are subjected to. The performances are brilliant and the subject has been very sensitively handled.

Schindler’s List
–Most critics rank this on top of the list because it is hard hitting and also a film of hope where one German, a rich playboy saves the lives of many jews when he realises the enormity and the tragedy that was taking place. The film has won many awards including an oscar and can be watched many times to absorb all the minor details that are related to Holocaust.

Escape from Sobibore – This was a British made TV film which is a story of escape that is meticulously planned and carried out from the camps of Sobibore which later also led to an uprising by the jews as well as German guards many of whom were against what was taking place within the camps s in other camps namely Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Life is Beautiful – A very sensitive film that handles romance during those difficult times and at the same time sad. An idyllic life of love gets shattered when jews are targeted and sent to concentration camps and the story revolves around the wit and imagination of simple and humble jew Guido who wants to have his old simple love filled life back at all costs..

Sophie’s choice – A dark film, this is no doubt considered a classic with Meryl Streep having walked away with an oscar, I personally found it too dark for my taste. It is a story about Sophie who is a polish jew living in America and her tempestuous love affair with Nathan , which often leads her to analyse her own past life in the war torn era, the concentration camp, the family that she lost , all of which have made her a nervous wreck. A strong film but brooding and with very few lighter moments, the sets match the atmosphere of the film.

I feel that these films are worth watching, they are well made with an excellent subject dealing with a part of history that is relevant to everybody living in this world.It is a lesson which should teach every human being never to do what one section of society did to others just because they were different


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