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Why Do People Turn Toxic?

December 07, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 1114

Toxic people are everywhere around you. They may be your own spouse, relative, friend, boss, neighbor or anyone near you, making you feel inadequate. They become toxic agents in your lives, affecting your emotions and your regular activities.


Some people around you may be affecting your life with their negative views and activities. Some people, although may act well in front of you, may affect your life by their backbiting and negative expressions out of your sight. It may be someone who had been dear to you but had been criticizing you throughout. Or it may be your teacher or customer who insults and upsets you now and then. They are toxic people.

What do toxic people do?

Knowingly or unknowingly, these people become toxic to your happiness in life. They become toxic, affecting your mental outlook. They affect your moods and emotions by being toxic to your self-esteem. They can even suck out the essence of your life. In spite of all these many of us just bear with these people just because of the fear that we may lose their relationship.

Why do people become toxic?
There are two types of people who are toxic. Some become toxic without their knowledge. There are certain people who turn toxic purposely to spoil your life.

People becoming toxic unknowingly

1) Although some of the people you meet turn out toxic purposely and intervene in your lives voluntarily, most of the toxic people come across your lives unknowingly. Actually they may not be aware that what they say or do affect your lives personally. They just come casually and pour out the burden in their hearts and go peacefully. But they never think of a moment that what they had unloaded had personally affected you.

2) It is a human instinct to pour out the emotions and feelings to someone near or dear. Emotional bursts of anger, anxiety, boredom, depression, disappointment, fear, sorrow, worry, etc. do move you emotionally and deposit sediments of toxic feelings in you.

3) Sigmund Freud has pointed out that humans have, within themselves, an innate nature to pour out spontaneously the reservoir of aggressive energy which might bursts into violence if suppressed.

Toxic people who approach you purposely

1) There are other type of people who approach you voluntarily and spoil your life purposely. Negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, pride, lust, greed, etc. induce them to destroy the castles of your dreams.

2) Negative energy of these toxic people is very dangerous. Their thoughts, words and deeds, directly and indirectly, are aimed at your collapse.

3) Even their looks can collapse your life. They are full of negative energy targeted against you. In South India, there are rituals to remove the evil eye of such people. Such people are very dangerous of whom you should be extremely careful.

Life is to enjoy in harmony. It is not to spoil the happiness of others in any way. Learn to avoid toxic emotions in your own life so that you may be able to share happiness with others.


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