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Characterstics of the spectrum

December 08, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: General Science  Earning $0.20   Views: 3623

In this article, pure and impure spectrum are explained. Different kinds of spectra are also described in this article.


Pure and impure spectra:

If a divergent beam of white light is incident on a prism, then each ray in the beam forms a spectrum. The red of one may coincide with blue of another and the violet of a third and so on. That spectrum is called impure spectrum.

The spectrum in which each colour distinctly separated from the other is called pure spectrum. Examples for pure spectrum are Hydrogen spectrum and Sodium spectrum. Examples for impure spectrum are Rainbow and Solar spectrum.

Conditions for obtaining pure spectrum:

Inorder to get a pure spectrum, conditions are as follows. They are
1. For source of light, a narrow illuminated slit is required.
2. The slit is to be kept at the focus of a convex lens to produce a parallel beam. This parallel beam of light to be incident on a prism which set for the minimum deviation for the middle
region of the spectrum.

3. The dispersed light should be focussed in such a way that all the rays of particular colour converge at one point only.

Different kinds of spectra:

There are mainly two types of spectrum. They are
a)Emission spectrum
b)Absorption spectrum

a)Emission spectrum:

This type of spectrum of light emitted by substance. Emission spectrum are three types. They are
a)Continuous spectrum
b)Band spectrum
c)Line spectrum

Continuous spectrum:

In this type of spectrum, un broken continuous band of colours from red at one end to violet at the other end. In such spectrums, we can not say where one colour ends and the colour starts. This spectrum is possible at very high temperatures.

Band spectrum:

In this spectrum, different colours appear as bands separated by dark spaces is called band spectrum.

Line spectrum:

This is a spectrum of bright lines separated by dark spaces is called line spectrum


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Characterstics of the spectrum
In this article, pure and impure spectrum are explained. Different kinds of spectra are also described in this article.


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