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Kissing Cousins of Diabetes

December 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 547

Diabetes is a serious disease spreading fast in the modern lifestyle. It is a disease linked with many other diseases and emotions. Hunger and anger are the two kissing emotions of diabetes. Diabetic people cannot tolerate hunger and they often get angry.


November is the month for diabetic awareness. Diabetes is a serious disease acquired by the modern lifestyle. Not only in the developed world but also in developing countries which are adopting a westernized lifestyle, people are being affected by these acquired diseases of modern lifestyle. Changes in food habits and lifestyle have caused increase in diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetes is associated with hunger and anger

Diabetes is closely associated with hunger and anger which can even be described as the cousins of diabetes. It is a diabetes-hunger-anger trio relationship, one affecting the other. This can clearly be seen in the behavior of hungry diabetic people.

Relationship between hunger and diabetes

Metabolic changes in insulin level found in the form of variation in sugar level cause diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood cause various health problems. Hunger pangs cause discomfort in stomach and fatigue in the whole body. The blood sugar level is dropped and the body craves for energy.

The diabetic person feels hunger frequently by the fact that he/she cannot utilize glucose well as the energy source within cells which becomes unable to use the glucose, circulating in the blood.

Relationship between diabetes and anger

1) There is a saying that hungry people easily get angry. It is a well known fact that diabetes is closely associated also with the emotion of anger.

2) The first reaction of the hungry diabetic people is getting angry towards themselves. they lose their temper and act sometimes even violently.

3) Hunger is caused the starvation of energy. Starving body cells constantly transmit signals to the brain for the supply of energy. Brain cells, in turn, cause flow of hormones such as adrenaline which causes emotional changes. When there is a pain or suffering naturally it is accompanied by emotional changes.

4) A person affected by low blood sugar, which is also called hypoglycemia, is easily offended and gets angry.

5) American Diabetic Association has warned that diabetes is the perfect breeding ground for anger since anger and diabetes go hand in hand. Anger is a reaction of insulin where anger acts as an emotional defense.

Diabetes leads to many complications in health. It has become an essential part for the diabetic people to make changes in their food habits and lifestyle to make life peaceful. They should be aware of their physical and emotional changes that occur because of diabetes. Diabetic patients should tackle carefully these two closely associated emotions hunger and anger.



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